Hanna Järvinen

  • University Lecturer, T/Tutkimus, Theatre Academy

Job description

As University Lecturer, I teach mostly courses in writing and epistemology for doctoral candidates. I supervise doctoral theses here and at Aalto University and I also teach regularly at the Live Art and Performance Studies MA programme. My research interests lie in dance history and performance studies, artistic research in the expanded sense, and issues dealing with authorship, art work, and canonisation.

Besides teaching, my duties include chairing and being a member various official bodies such as the Publication Forum (Julkaisufoorumi) of The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies where I chair Panel 22, or the Theatre Academy’s own Publication Committee, where I am vice chair. I am a vice member of the Theatre Academy’s Research Council and an active member in various academic societies. As of 1 September 2016, I am on part-time research leave as a Senior Researcher in the Academy of Finland research project How to Do Things with Performance? 2016-2020.


I hold a doctorate in Cultural History from the University of Turku (2003) and a Master’s degree in Performance Studies from New York University (2001). I am an alumna of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2004-2007), a docent in Dance History at the University of Turku (2016), and a Honorary Visiting Research Fellow (2017-2020) at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. I also work part-time as a Senior Researcher in the Academy of Finland research project How to Do Things with Performance? 2016-2020.

In my research I specialise in the history of the ontology and epistemology of dance, particularly early twentieth-century art dance, where I am particularly interested in definitions of authorship and art work, gender and ethnicity. My latest book Dancing Genius: The Stardom of Vaslav Nijinsky came out from Palgrave Macmillan in 2014 both as a printed hardback and as e-book. In addition, I have edited several article collections and published in e.g. The Senses and SocietyDance Research and Dance Research Journal. I have been active in a number of national and international academic societies, notably the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS) and Dance Studies Association (DSA).

Research and publications


Dancing Genius: The Stardom of Vaslav Nijinsky. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2014

(with Marjatta Häti-Korkeila, Jukka Kortti & Riku Roihankorpi) Teatteri ja media(t). Näyttämö ja tutkimus 5. Helsinki: Teatterintutkimuksen seura 2014, www.teats.fi/julkaisut

(with Leena Rouhiainen) Tanssiva tutkimus: menetelmiä ja lähestymistapoja tanssintutkimukseen. Nivel3. Helsinki: Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu 2014 (separate e-version published simultaneously at http://nivel.teak.fi/tanssiva-tutkimus/)

(with Liisa Ikonen & Maiju Loukola) Näyttämöltä tutkimukseksi: Esittävien taiteiden metodologiset haasteet – From the Stage to Research: Methodological Challenges in Performing Arts. Näyttämö ja tutkimus 4. Helsinki: Teatterintutkimuksen seura 2012, www.teats.fi/julkaisut

(with Kimi Kärki) Avaintekstejä kulttuurihistoriaan. Kulttuurihistoria – Cultural History 6, Turku: K&H 2005

Some Articles/Chapters

“Democratic Bodies? Reflections on ‘Postmodern Dance’ in the United States and Finland.” Nordic Journal of Dance 8:2, Winter 2017

with Liisa Pentti, “Koreografian ja historiankirjoituksen uudelleen kuvittelua.” Tiede & Edistys 4/2017

“On the Author Function in Dance History.” In Annette Arlander, Laura Gröndahl and Marja Silde (ed.), Tekijä – teos, esitys ja yhteiskunta. Näyttämö ja tutkimus 6, Teatterintutkimuksen seura 2016, http://teats.fi/tekija-teos-esitys-ja-yhteiskunta/

“Corporeal Memories: A Historian’s Practice” in Thomas F. DeFrantz & Philipa Rothfield (ed.): Choreography and Corporeality: Relay in Motion. New World Choreographies Series. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2016

”Comedy Ballet as Social Commentary: Till Eulenspiegel (1916).” Dance Research 32:2, Winter 2014

“‘They Never Dance’: The Choreography of Le Sacre du PrintempsAVANT IV: 3/2013 DOI: 10.12849/40302013.1012.0002

“‘Great Horizons Flooded with the Alien Light of the Sun’: Le Sacre du Printemps in the Russian context.” Dance Research 31:1, Summer 2013

“‘Dancing Back to Arcady’ – On Representations of Early Twentieth-Century Modern Dance.” In Susanne Ravn and Leena Rouhiainen (ed.), Dance Spaces: Practices of Movement. University of Southern Denmark Press, Odense 2012

“Failed Impressions: Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in America.” Dance Research Journal 42:2, Winter 2010

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