Application for the appointment of an adjunct professor: criteria and guidelines

The University of the Arts Helsinki grants adjunct professorships in the fields of art and research, which may be either fixed-term or permanent.

Criteria for adjunct professorship

According to Universities Act, the university may confer the title of adjunct professor upon individuals who possess in-depth knowledge in their field, demonstrated through publications or other means, and show the ability for independent research or artistic work, along with good teaching skills.

The university may grant the title of adjunct professor to accomplished, independent researchers or artists participating in university activities but not belonging to the university’s teaching or research staff. An adjunct professor is an expert in their specific field of research or art.

However, holding the title of adjunct professor does not imply an employment relationship with the university. Nevertheless, adjunct professors are expected to contribute to the university’s activities as experts in their respective fields in ways agreed upon separately.

The university has the authority to determine the fields in which it deems an adjunct professorship necessary.

Fixed-term and permanent adjunct professorship

The title of adjunct professor is conferred either permanently or for a fixed term.

A permanent adjunct professorship may be granted if the applicant has previously demonstrated activity in the activities of the University of the Arts.

A fixed-term adjunct professorship may be granted if the university has no prior experience collaborating with the applicant, or if the adjunct professorship is to be linked to specific research activities or similar activities conducted during a certain period. The extension of the adjunct professorship can be reconsidered after the expiration of the fixed term.

Research and artistic qualifications

An adjunct professor must possess thorough knowledge and skills in their field, along with a demonstrated ability for independent and original research or artistic work.

For a research-oriented adjunct professorship, the criterion is that the applicant holds a doctoral degree and has publications, with the research in the relevant field being of scientific significance and quantity comparable to another good doctoral thesis.

An artistic adjunct professorship requires high-level artistic expertise in the relevant field and significant activity as an artist. The adjunct professorship may also be granted to someone whose artistic and public activities as a whole are of high quality in the field of the adjunct professorship.

Good teaching skills

Adjunct professors are expected to have good teaching skills. Evaluation of teaching skills takes into account factors such as pedagogical training, teaching experience, feedback from teaching, educational materials produced by the applicant, and a teaching demonstration provided by the applicant.

Applicants are required to submit supporting documents with their application, including a curriculum vitae, a description of artistic activities and/or an academically formatted list of publications and research, and information on teaching achievements. Alternatively, these can be presented in a university portfolio.

Units granting the title of adjunct professor at the University of the Arts

The four research and doctoral education units at the University of the Arts grant adjunct professorships in their respective fields. Explore the different units and find the correct contact information:

Applying for adjunct professorship

Those planning to apply for adjunct professorship must first discuss the matter with the Vice Dean or the professor responsible for doctoral education and research at the relevant academy. Following the discussion, they must submit a statement of their research and/or artistic activities to the academic council, research council, or teaching council of the academy.

The application for adjunct professorship is made in writing, and the application must specify the field of the adjunct professorship.

Upon request, the applicant must also provide a report on how their previous activities constitute the entirety upon which the applicant believes they have attained adjunct professor qualifications.

Documents to be attached to the application

  1. Curriculum vitae, a description of artistic and/or research activities, and/or a list of the applicant’s publications and research, as well as information on the applicant’s teaching merits. Alternatively, these can be presented in a university portfolio.
  2. Up to five artistic and/or research publications in duplicate.

Submission of the application to the Registry

The informal application should be addressed to the University of the Arts Helsinki and submitted, along with the document attachments from point 1, to the University of the Arts Registry in electronic form:

Artistic and/or research publications should be submitted to the University of the Arts Registry:

University of the Arts Registry
P.O. Box 38
00097 University of the Arts