Performing Arts Research Centre’s Mission and Vision 2021-2030

Learn more about the guiding principles and objectives of Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke).

Our Mission

The Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki offers higher education in the performing arts of dance and theatre and other related artforms.[1] The Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) is responsible for doctoral education and research development at the Theatre Academy. Tutke’s focus is on artistic research that critically engages with artistic, pedagogical and art-based practice, including opportune conceptual and theoretical frames. We educate artist-researchers in the Doctoral Programme of Artistic Research in Performing Arts and act as a centre for research in the performing arts. We advance activities in these areas through faculty, visiting researcher and postdoctoral research projects, pedagogical engagement, events and conferences, and active development of our artistic and academic networks.

Our Vision

In 2030, Tutke remains a unique international centre of artistic research and doctoral education based on the principles of transparent, equitable, and inclusive collegiality. We are an international artistic and academic community that fosters an inspiring atmosphere of critical evaluation and unprejudiced development of artistic research and research in and on the performing arts.

Interlinking art and research, we act as a platform where different fields, methodologies, and current academic trends encounter the questions, challenges, and insights particular to the performing arts. We extend the contexts in which art and research take place through partnering with artists, art venues, academic and funding bodies and other stakeholders, which makes us a desirable partner for research collaborations. In the performing arts and in academia, artistic research is known as a critical art-based approach to research.

  • We participate in creating a generative connection between education and research at the Theatre Academy and the University of the Arts Helsinki more generally
  • Tutke advances viable transdisciplinary career paths for our graduates through our international networks of colleagues and experts in the arts and in research.
  • Both faculty and doctoral candidates are given exchange options at other institutions, and we also aim to offer residencies for visiting scholars.
  • We promote the well-being of our faculty, staff and doctoral candidates through inclusive decision-making processes, non-discriminatory working environment, and opportunities for making a difference through art and research.
  • We take an active part in the ongoing redefinition of the arts, of artists, and art education and research with respect to the present ecological, social and humanitarian challenges; and we seek to ensure all, regardless of background, age, ability, or social status have access to art and research as keys to sustainable living in the twenty-first century.

Updated, Teak Research Council, 25 January 2021

[1] In 2021 the Theatre Academy offers BA and MA level education in the following programs Acting in Finnish, Acting Swedish, Choreography, Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research, Dance, Dance Pedagogy, Dance Performance, Design for the Performing Arts, Directing, Dramaturgy and Playwriting, Lighting Design, Live art and Performance Studies, Sound Design, Theatre Pedagogy and Writing