Quality assurance at Uniarts Helsinki

Our work on quality assurance strives to secure the transparency, smoothness and effectiveness of our everyday work and the way the university is managed.

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) audited Uniarts Helsinki’s quality assurance system in 2018. The university received praise for the good line of communication between the staff and the students, which is reflected in the university’s strong sense of community. The university received a quality label, which is valid until September 2024.

According to the feedback given during the audit, Uniarts Helsinki’s strengths also include a genuine value-based and student-centred approach, a successful link to working life, and an active relationship with the university’s alumni.

Objectives of quality management

  1. Fulfilling Uniarts Helsinki’s strategy and vision – in accordance with the agreed-upon values. Our university is taking determined steps towards shared goals. The objectives and results of the quality management work are visible in the university’s quality system, which entails a set of different practical tools and is based on a mind-set that encourages ongoing development and self-correction.
  2. Creating the best possible environment for the core operations of Uniarts Helsinki, which are learning, teaching, artistic activities and research. The purpose of the quality system is to help students, teachers and researchers succeed and grow in their work, while taking the special characteristics of each artistic field into consideration. We strive to create a culture where it is natural for everybody to experiment and evaluate their work with a bold attitude, and learn new things.
  3. Making Uniarts Helsinki’s services clearly defined and functional. Everybody knows the university’s organisational structure, how the university is managed, and who is in charge of each task, service and decision.