Art-based solutions to the eco-crisis

Strategic goal 4/6: Art is part of the solution to the ecological sustainability crisis.

Kaksi reppuselkäistä ihmistä kiipeämässä kalliolla.

The ecological sustainability crisis will become an increasingly defining factor for the development of society, changing the relationship between humans and the biosphere. We provide the tools to discuss this major change through art and artistic thinking. Ecological thinking permeates operations across the entire university.


We define a strategy and measures that promote ecological sustainability to steer our operations.

  • We review the current situation and use the review to compile a plan and an operational programme for achieving the desired goal of a sustainable future.
  • We monitor how the plan progresses based on agreed indicators.

We integrate the theme of ecological sustainability into our teaching, research and artistic activities.

  • We develop and deepen our knowledge of ecological practices and their continuously changing values and concepts in the arts.
  • We strengthen the university community’s critical understanding of ecological sustainability and its role in the arts.


  1. Students’ experience of how ecological sustainability is discussed in their studies.
  2. The ecological impact of the university’s operations (for example its carbon footprint).