An inclusive and diverse university

Strategic goal 5/6: Our community is characterised by its wellbeing, international appeal and lack of discrimination.

Our community has shared values and policies that support everyone’s wellbeing, ensuring equality and the experience that their work and studies are meaningful. We appreciate and embody diversity, strengthen academy-level and university-level inclusivity and create a culture of constructive interaction.


We develop our operations in a goal-oriented way to increase the wellbeing of our staff and students, as well as monitor our performance using agreed indicators.

  • We improve the wellbeing of our staff and students with the help of preventive measures.
  • We define the measures, indicators and feedback processes that support wellbeing and diversity.

We strengthen the kind of leadership and operational culture that honour our values.

  • We strengthen the skills needed for implementing and managing change processes.
  • We establish university-level principles to guide our activities and management, all the while taking into consideration our different academy cultures and the special characteristics of each artistic field.
  • We promote openness and transparency by clarifying the university’s decision-making processes and the role of academic expertise.
  • We create an operational culture that emphasises open dialogue and equality with the help of training and workshops aimed at the university community.

We increase the diversity of our university community and strengthen the experience of inclusivity.

  • We evaluate our operations, identify and break down barriers to equality and take into account any special support needed.
  • We strengthen the opportunities for different groups to participate in the university’s development work and decision-making.
  • We establish inclusive ways of working and ensure that information flows and our services are digitally and physically accessible.

We strengthen the goal-oriented recruitment of staff.

  • We take advantage of the tenure track system of our academic staff to recruit the best possible talent and encourage loyalty and commitment.
  • We develop our personnel structure so that it better reflects our increasingly international and diverse society.


  1. Results of wellbeing questionnaires aimed at staff and students
  2. The internationality and diversity of the community