An innovative community with smart leadership

Strategic goal 6/6: Uniarts Helsinki makes way for renewal and bold initiatives.

We streamline and refocus our operations in a way that best serves our common goals and the implementation of our strategy. Our operational planning is based on our overall knowledge, and we make sure that the university’s voice is heard in our decision-making. We actively seek external funding for our operations.


We enable experiments and initiatives.

  • We introduce an internal funding model that steers resource allocation between the academies based on two sets of criteria: the criteria that ensure the realisation of the strategy and the chosen criteria in the Ministry of Education and Culture’s funding model.
  • We allocate income from investment capital to the strategic development of the university.
  • We evaluate our operations with a critical eye and examine our work in relation to the strategy and the ever-changing needs of society, and as a result, free up and redirect our resources by removing overlaps and hierarchy.

We make our services smoother, harmonise them based on user feedback and utilise digitalisation.

  • We design a shared user-driven selection of services, taking into consideration the opportunities provided by two campuses as well as the needs of different fields of art.
  • We make our service processes smoother, simpler and more consistent on all levels of the university.
  • We develop digital services.

We strengthen the conditions for external funding and fundraising.

  • We build long-term partnerships with Finnish and international funding organisations.
  • We place an emphasis on socially significant and wide-scale projects when applying for funding.


  1. Quality of services.
  2. Academic staff as a percentage of the total number of employees.
  3. Amount of external funding.