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Hooray! We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary in 2023! The celebrations will be themed around the future of arts.

Performance Philosophy Problems: How Does Performance Philosophy Collaborate?

The University of the Arts Helsinki will host the Performance Philosophy network’s fifth biennial conference.

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The programme is tentative and subject to change.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

10:00-18:00 Registration and the INFO-desk Theatre Academy

18:00-19:00 Opening Ceremony

Place: Tori Stage at the Theatre Academy and Zoom live streaming

Welcome words by Vice Rector Jaana Erkkilä-Hill and Vice Dean Leena Rouhiainen
Opening words by the Conference Chair Esa Kirkkopelto, and the presentation of the Conference Committee

Greetings of the Performance Philosophy Association: Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca

A word of information, Conference Team


Music and fanfares during the Opening Ceremony
Brass Quartet from the Sibelius Academy
French horns: Otto Kenetti, Lauri Purhonen, Venla Ulmala
Trombone: Joni Taskinen

Thursday 16 June 2022

8:30-16:00 Registration and the INFO-desk Theatre Academy

9:30-11:00 Key Group 1

Place: Theatre Hall and Zoom live streaming

Collaboration, conviviality, and care: the problem of including learning-disabled and neurodivergent artists in performance philosophy
Tony McCaffrey & Dave Calvert & Kate Maguire-Rosier & Janet Gibson

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-13:00 Panels 1-6

Panel 1

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in Classroom 403 (4th floor)

Moderator Stuart Grant

Documentation as Poetic-Witness
Autumn Ahn (60 min)

El cuento del tabaco/The story of tobacco
Ricardo Sarmiento & Chloe Chotrani (lecture-performance, 30 min)

Panel 2

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in Classroom 404 (4th floor)

Moderator Karolina Kucia

Powerful bodies: from amerindian to decolonial feminine aesthetics
Monica Toledo Silva (speech and projecting pictures, 30 min)

Notation as the “Culture Technique”
Chieh-ting Hsieh (30 min)

Philosophy Plays
Edward Spence (paper presentation, 30 min)

Panel 3

Place: Studio 2

Moderator Denise Ziegler

Noir/Noise/Haunting/Queer: Risk and Vulnerability in Classical Music Performance Practice
Laura Wahlfors & Heidi Hart (lecture-performance, 45 min)

The Philosomer
Anthony Gritten (paper presentation, 30 min)

Panel 4

Place: Studio 1

Moderator Klaus Maunuksela

The shift from process to product changes in aesthetic appreciation required?
Renate Brauninger (30 min)

Tuomas Laitinen (receptive experiment, 30 min)

Panel 5

Place: Auditorium 1 & outdoors

Moderator Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Performing Philosophy by Listening: An Audio Documentary Encounter
Katarina Blomqvist (paper presentation with audio voices, 30 min)

Responding to the Shadows through Choreographic Writing
Leena Rouhiainen & Kirsi Heimonen (lecture and partly outdoors, 60 min)

Panel 6

Place: classroom 522, A-stairs, 5th floor

Moderator Tuija Kokkonen

Epistemic and ethical implications of performing economies
Georgios Papadopoulos (Lecture Performance/ Video Presentation 45 min)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Key Group 2

Place: Theatre Hall and Zoom live streaming

Speculative Epistemologies. Triangulating zones of entanglement between knowledge, embodied practice and belief
Alice Lagaay & Anke Haarmann & Tom Bieling & Torben Körschkes & Petja Ivanova & Barbro Scholz & Frieder Bohaumilitzky

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:00 Panels 7 – 11

Panel 7

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in Classroom 403

Moderator Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca

If the body does not exist who/what is the performer and how do I develop the avatar of my persona?
Abhay Ghiara (lecture-performance, 60 min)

Panel 8

Place: Studio 1

Moderator Esa Kirkkopelto

Perspectivist Performance A Gesture of Backward Gaze
Minerva Juolahti & Fjolla Hoxha & Tea Andreolotti (60 min)

Panel 9

Place: Auditorium

Moderator James McDonald

I Really Don´t Care, Do You? The Philosophical Problems of Producing or Performing Empathy in Contemporary Performance
Tom Drayton & Andrew Corsa & Thalia R. Goldstein & Pavlos Christodoulou (60 min)

Panel 10

Place: Auditorium 2 & outdoors

Moderator Tero Heikkinen

KOSMOSOMSOK – The Universe in Four Acts
Simo Kellokumpu & Tuukka Perhoniemi
in collaboration with Thomas Wesphal and Outi Condit (talk and participatory walk outdoors, 60 min)



Moderator Qjong Zhang

The Practice of Inhabitation
Karolina Kucia (workshop, 60 min)

17:00-17:30 Pause

17:30-19:00 Key Group 3

Place: Theatre Hall and Zoom live streaming

Performativity of Death in post-Soviet art
Darja Filippova & Pavel Mitenko & Anastasiia Spirenkova & Antonina Stebur & Vera Zamyslova

Conference dinner 19:00

At Tori / Foyer

Friday 17 June 2022

8:00-18:00 Registration and the INFO desk Theatre Academy

9:30-11:00 Key Group 4

Place: Theatre Hall and Zoom live streaming

The Shuddering Wonder of the Earth, Breathing: Conjuring Cultural Metamorphosis in an Era of Ecological Breakdown
Martin Lee Mueller & Heli Aaltonen & David Abram

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-13:00 Panels 12-16

Panel 12

Panel 12 a)

Place: Classroom 522

Moderator Kirsi Heimonen

Performing difference in/through dance; meanings, insights, and propositions
Eeva Anttila & Rose Martin & Charlotte Nielsen (45 min)

Panel 12 b) at 12.30-13.00

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in Classroom 403

Moderator Lauren O`Neal

Dance as Cosmovision
Marcelo Garzo Montalvo (30 min)

Panel 13

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in Classroom 404

Moderator Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Embodied Partialities: Body in Algorithms Frontal presentation
Ofri Cnaani (30 min)

The Minutes of Hildegard of Bingen Society for Gardening Companions
Sophie Seita & Naomi Woo (30 min)

Being-Without. Gathering in Synchronous Isolation
Bernhardt Siebert & Leon Gabriel & Julia Schade & Joanna Tischkau & Marten Weise & Marcel Zaes Sagesser (panel, 30 min)

Panel 14

Place: Studio 2

Moderator Maiju Loukola

Dialogue, not dialectics – the infinite (but conditioned) set of asymptotical performative solutions to a philosophical problem
Pablo Alvez Artinprocess (60 min)

How to gather and sympoi:ese
Eliane Beaufils (individual talk, 30 min)



Moderator Riku Roihankorpi

“This time the end is going to burn up the means” (Artaud to Breton 23.8.1937)
Mischa Twitchin (paper presentation, 30 min)

Panel 16

Place: Studio 1

Moderator James McDonald

The Philosophic Performative: Rethinking Metaphysics through a Palimpsestic Principle
Rico Gutschmidt & Irida Altman (presentation in two voices, 60 min)

By the time you read this it is too late: The problem of the online lecture
Theron Schmidt (lecture-performance, 30 min)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Key Group 5

Place: Theatre Hall and Zoom live streaming

Hacia Helsinki – Helsinki Bound
Claudia Ricca & Dami Bacchiddu & Maria Eugenia Cairo & Camilla Kevorkian & Belen Martinez & Florencia Mazzadi & Guiomar Penafort & Florencia Pumilla & Martina Prystupa

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 Panels 17-22

Panel 17

Panel 17 a)

Place: Studio 1

Moderator Tero Heikkinen

The Work of Sharing engaging Artistic Research
Bruce Barton & Annette Arlander & Johanna Housholder & Michelle Man (60 min)

17 b)

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in classroom 403

Moderator Tero Heikkinen

Basic Lesson in Problem-Solving and Orientation in Discourse. Experiences from the “Conversation Garden”
Eva-Maria Gauss (30 min)

Panel 18

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in Classroom 404

Moderator Maiju Loukola

The concept of declassification as an emancipatory approach for musical performance
Bibiana Bragagnolo (lecture-performance, 30 min)

Poetics of Friction
Nadja Ben Khelifa & Etienne Allaix & Jörg Sternagel (30 min)

Following Non-human Collaboration: naming, producing, tracing
Jan-Tage Kühling & Renata Gaspar (30 min)

Panel 19

Place: Online in Zoom, also viewable in Auditorium 1

Moderator Tuija Kokkonen

Beyond the species´ boundary: performers and activists in action
Laura Budriesi (speech, 30 min)

Problems of grounding ethics: performative rehearsal
Einav Katan-Schmidt & Aili Bresnahan & Ilya Vidrin (panel, 60 min)

Panel 20

Place: Studio 2

Moderator Alice Lagaay

Being ill as a challenge for performance philosophy
Marja-Liisa Honkasalo (30min)

How agency can be studied when doing the art of expressive objects?
Riku Laakkonen (workshop, 30 min)

Floating Bodies, Performing Signifiers
Esa Kirkkopelto (lecture demonstration, 30 min)

Panel 21

Place: Room 523 (5th floor)

Moderator Karolina Kucia

Friends of a friend
Maarit Rankanen & Katariina Numminen (lecture demonstration, 60 min)

Present Absent Reconsidered
Zohar Frank (paper presentation, 30 min)

Panel 22

Place: Room 522 (5th floor)

Moderator Riku Roihankorpi

Navigating post-truth´s groundless contestation: learning from community theatre
Catherine Koekoek & Liselot van de Geer & Jasmina Ibrahimovic (performance, lecture-performance, 30 min)

Haunted Earth, Haunting Questions
Maya Tångeberg-Grischin & Anna Thüring (interview and showing pictures, 30 min)

Saturday 18 June 2022

10:00-14:30 Registration and the INFO desk Theatre Academy

10:30-12:00 The Future of Performance Philosophy 1: Problems. A Discussion Workshop

Place: Theatre Hall at the Theatre Academy and Zoom Livestreaming

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 Key Group 6

Place: Theatre Hall at the Theatre Academy and Zoom Livestreaming

Unnamed Autofictions: Dissonant Co-labouring
Nik Wakefield, Daniela Perazzo and Diana Damian

14:45-16:30 The Future of Performance Philosophy 2: concluding discussions.

Place: Theatre Hall at the Theatre Academy and Zoom Livestreaming

The Future of Performance Philosophy 2: Collaboration. The discussion continues and the concluding remarks.


15.6.2022 at 10:00 – 18.6.2022 at 20:00



Haapaniemenkatu 6

00530 Helsinki

Sörnäinen campus

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