Doctoral education

At Uniarts Helsinki, it is possible to complete a doctoral degree in fine arts, theatre and dance, or music. Doctoral study is typically an original combination of artistic and theoretical approaches.


At Uniarts Helsinki, it is possible to complete a doctoral degree in fine arts, theatre and dance, or music. Doctoral students are welcome to attend courses at all three academies.


Doctoral study is typically an original combination of artistic and theoretical approaches, and it engages in a dialogue that contributes art and research with new questions, methods, theories, and perceptions of reality.


Academy of Fine Arts

At the Academy of Fine Arts, doctoral study concentrates on practice-based research in the fine arts. The objective of doctoral study is to provide students with in-depth expertise in research in the fine arts and the arts’ significance for society. The goal is for the student to attain the abilities needed in order to complete works of art that reflect artistic maturity and to be able not only to work independently in the field in question but also to apply the methods of artistic research when developing the field.


Sibelius Academy

At the Sibelius Academy, doctoral students work towards creative and analytical expertise in art, research, development, and education.  In addition to expertise in their fields, doctoral graduates from Sibelius Academy are committed to work for an ethically sustainable future. Doctoral study at Sibelius Academy is based on interaction between art, research, and pedagogy,  and it can be undertaken in one of the three specialisations. Students can, according to their background and interests, choose between the Arts, Research, and Applied Study Programmes.

Theatre Academy

The doctoral study programme at the Theatre Academy focuses on artistic research in the performing arts that is multidisciplinary, artistic, artist-based, and rooted in art pedagogy. It involves artistic processes and results and their conceptualisations and theorisations. The Theatre Academy’s doctoral graduates are practitioners and researchers committed to the development and renewal of arts and practice, research, and teaching. As experts in their fields, they create information and insights based on art-related practices that can also be applied outside of the arts.

Valmistuneita tohtorintutkintoja

Doctorates at Uniarts Helsinki's three academies 1990–2018 (partly in Finnish):


Doctorates at the Academy of Fine Arts


Doctorates at the Sibelius Academy


Doctorates at the Theatre Academy

Seuraavat tohtorintutkintojen tarkastustilaisuudet


Vice-Deans, Research


Professor Mika Elo (Academy of Fine Arts)
Professor Tuire Kuusi (Sibelius Academy)
Professor Leena Rouhiainen (Theatre Academy)



Heads of Doctoral Schools


Professor Tanja Johansson (Sibelius Academy MuTri Doctoral School)
Lecturer Päivi Järviö (Sibelius Academy DocMus Doctoral School)
Professor Leena Rouhiainen (Doctoral Studies in Artistic Research of Performing Arts)
Professor Esa Kirkkopelto (Doctoral Programme in Artistic Research TahTO)
Professor Mika Elo (Academy of Fine Arts Doctoral Programme)



Shared Doctoral School and Research Services


Head of Research Services Merja Sagulin
Expert Tii Salminen
Senior Research Funding Advisor Tiia Saarinen
Project Coordinator  Johanna Rauhaniemi
Planner Annika Fredriksson
Assistant Stefano De Luca



Academy-Specific Doctoral School and Research Services


Planning officer Michaela Bränn (Academy of Fine Arts, research)
Planning officer Jukka Tuominen (Academy of Fine Arts, doctoral studies)

Senior Advisor Sirpa Järvelä (Sibelius Academy DocMus Doctoral School)
Senior Advisor Hannu Tolvanen (Sibelius Academy MuTri Doctoral School)
Plannning officer Henri Wegelius (Sibelius Academy)

Senior Advisor Riitta Pasanen-Willberg (Theatre Academy)
Planner Elina Raitasalo (Theatre Academy)
Academic Affairs Coordinator Stefano De Luca (Theatre Academy)