Complete arts studies at the Open University: registration for the autumn term’s studies begins on 4 August

This academic year, studies in entrepreneurship and career skills are free of charge for freelancers in the independent arts sector.

Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University offers a wide range of studies in music, theatre, dance, fine arts, arts management and career skills for the arts sector. Students at the Open University can choose to complete individual courses or take on larger study modules.  

Open University studies give people the chance to see what university-level studies in the arts are like, complement their professional competence or discover a new inspiring activity in the arts. During autumn 2022, the course selection includes studies in art theory, various dance styles and music genres, arts education, writing drama and acting, among others.  

Registration for studies takes place between 4 August and 24 August 2022. As for registration for courses that are integrated into regular degree-oriented instruction, the deadline is already on 16 August.  

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Freelancers can take courses free of charge

During the 2022–2023 academic year, Uniarts Helsinki will give freelancers in the independent arts sector the opportunity to complete studies in entrepreneurship and career skills free of charge at the Open University. By offering the courses for free, the university wants to support operators in the cultural sector with no state funding in recovering from the COVID crisis.  

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Also remember that Uniarts Helsinki is introducing its first pre-incubator programme in the 2022 autumn term with the goal of providing support for developing arts-based business ideas and entrepreneurship. 

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Take the Open University path to degree studies

The next admissions to Uniarts Helsinki’s Master’s Programme in Arts Management, Society and Creative Entrepreneurship via the Open University path will be arranged in spring 2024. The Open University path requires a sufficient number of credits completed at the Open University. A study module, called Pyörre in Finnish, in leadership and project management in the independent arts sector will be launched this autumn, and it is a suitable module for path studies. The Open University path to the master’s degree programme was available for the first time in spring 2021. 

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