Complete Uniarts Helsinki’s courses at the Open University – registration for the spring term’s courses begins on 21 Nov 

The Open University’s course selection during the 2024 spring term includes several courses in arts education, for example. Students can also improve their career and entrepreneurship skills and receive career guidance through studies.

Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University offers a wide range of studies in music, theatre, dance, fine arts, arts management and career skills for the arts sector. Students at the Open University can choose to complete individual courses or pursue larger study modules.  

Open University studies give people the chance to see what university-level studies in the arts are like, complement their professional competence or discover a new inspiring activity in the arts under the tutelage of the best experts in the field. During the 2024 spring term, the selection will include courses in career skills, entrepreneurship, art therapy, venue amplification, body awareness, immersive theatre, directing and writing, for example.

The Open University offers both online and on-campus studies. The application period for the spring term’s studies will begin on 21 November. The application period will end on 7 December when it comes to studies that are integrated into degree-oriented teaching, or on 13 December when it comes to studies that are organised by the Open University. 

Study arts education, basics of improvisation and ensemble work in musical theatre at the Open University

During the 2024 spring term, the Open University will offer several courses in arts education. A study module in artistic competence as part of early childhood education (Taideosaaminen varhaiskasvatuksessa, 15 cr) is a unique opportunity to learn about skill- and art-based activity approaches and about research-based and innovative methods for developing one’s work. During the studies, you will learn more about theatre and dance pedagogy and about music education and carry out a pedagogical development project within your work community by focusing on a theme relating to one of these artistic disciplines.

“These predominantly practically oriented studies will be organised collectively online, and you have the support of the group and the teacher throughout the studies. It will be a balanced mix of theory and practice with teaching by accomplished professionals of their respective fields! We wish you welcome to join us!” says Planning Officer Riikka Herva from the Open Campus.

The course selection also includes a course on the basics of improvisation aimed at classical singers.

The introductory course on singing improvisation will make students explore their own voice and possibilities to create music in any given moment. Students will practise singing various harmonies and solos without lyrics and with ready-made text. They will also learn more about giving cues, listening to others and acting on one’s own or other performers’ impulses. After the course, vocal pedagogues will have the skills to use vocal improvisation in their teaching.

A course in ensemble work in musical theatre will delve into the world of musical theatre singing. The aim is to practise separate and collective texts and singing for a stage-like context.  During the course, the participants will learn about a singing style called legit singing, while drawing inspiration from golden age musicals. The participants will practise ensemble numbers and possibly smaller numbers, too. The course will consist of music and conducting exercises, and it will end in a demo with a small audience.