Katja Thomson

Lehtori, S/Musiikkikasvatus

Tuntiopettaja, S/Global music


Master of Music, music education

Tutkimus ja julkaisut

Doctoral project

Katja Thomson: Co-constructing an Intercultural Arts Ensemble: Learning in an Interdisciplinary Arts Project with Refugees and University Students and Teachers

This collaborative inquiry explores artistic interaction and mutual learning in a project involving refugees and an interdisciplinary arts ensemble. The research problem arises from the globally acknowledged issues in communities facing rapid change due to rising immigration rates, and the interdisciplinary competences required to implement socially-engaged university strategies. The theoretical framework of the study is built around two central concepts: 1) third space allowing negotiation of meanings and potentials for learning, and 2) creativity in groups. The research question is: What are the issues that become important in the formation of a safe, artistic learning environment including arts practitioners and refugees, and what kind of learning takes place in an intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration? The methodological approach is embedded in practitioner-based action research, and the ensemble members act as co-inquirers as well as collaborating arts practitioners. The inquiry offers knowledge on mutual learning between the arts practitioners and refugees, and on the construction of inter-professional understanding. The research (as part of the ArtsEqual initiative) also contributes to the development of university programmes aspiring for inclusivity and equality internationally.