Katja Thomson

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    Tuntiopettaja, S/Global music
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Musiikkikasvatuksen lehtori. Tuntiopettaja Global Music -koulutusohjelmassa. Tohtorikoulutettava.


Musiikin maisteri, Sibelius-Akatemia, musiikkikasvatus.


Opetettaviin opintojaksoihin musiikkikasvatuksen osastolla sisältyy tutkimusopintoja (esim. kandiseminaari ja tutkimusmenetelmät), tutkimusperusteinen opetuskokeilu ja maailman musiikkikulttuurit. Opetus Global Music koulutusohjelmassa sisältää opetusta Global Music Pedagogy -opintojaksossa ja opiskelijoiden mentorointia.

Taiteellinen toiminta

Alttoviulisti Helsinki Middle Eastern Orchestra -yhtyeessä.

Tutkimus ja julkaisut

Title of the doctoral research project:
World In Motion: creative music ensemble with refugees and music university students enhancing integration in thirdspace 


This inquiry explores the potential of intercultural music collaboration for integration in a musical ‘thirdspace’. The context of the study is an ensemble project called World In Motion, involving participants with a refugee or immigrant background, and music university students and a music university teacher. The research problem arises from the globally acknowledged issues in communities facing rapid change due to rising immigration rates, and the need for expanded professionalism in order to promote music practices concerned with social responsibility. The study examines the practices of the ensemble over an eighteen-month period during which there were weekly workshops organised in partnership between the Sibelius Academy and Caisa cultural centre in Helsinki, led by the practitioner-researcher (university teacher) conducting the study. The theoretical framework of the study is built on the concept of thirdspace (Edward Soja, 1996; Homi Bhabha, 1994). The research question is: What does intercultural music practice in thirdspace involve, and how can such practice contribute to the integration of refugees? The inquiry is a case study with a critical ethnographic approach. It offers insights into the potential and challenges of music collaboration incorporating the different cultural and musical backgrounds of the participants, and to the expanded professionalism of music educators within socially responsible arts practice. The research is part of the ArtsEqual initiative contributing to the strategy of Uniarts Helsinki building an equal, multi-voiced and international society.