James Andean


Master of Music, Sibelius Academy
Music Technology Bachelor of Music, McGill University

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DOCTORAL PROJECT (Applied artistic study)

Andean, James: The Musical and the Narrative in Acousmatic Music: A composition-based project of artistic research


Abstract of my concert series plan

My composition portfolio works, in combination with existing works of the acousmatic repertoire, were presented in a series of concerts in the Black Box concert hall. For the concerts I served in a triple role, as composer, curator, and performer. The dominant performance practice for acousmatic music is referred to as 'sound diffusion', in which a 'loudspeaker orchestra' is designed and set up in the concert space, which then serves as the 'instrument', which is performed by the performer distributing and spatializing the works from a central mixing console.

Abstract of my written thesis

Acousmatic works tend to operate on two simultaneous planes: a more abstract, musical level of gesture, phrase, colour, texture, and motion; and a narrative level, which references real- world objects, actions, contexts and environments. Most theoretical approaches to the acousmatic genre tend to focus more or less exclusively on the structural and formal elements of the sonic plane, with minimal reference to more overtly narrative aspects. In the attempt to rectify this imbalance, the field of narratology suggests itself as a likely candidate for expanding our theoretical toolkit. My thesis looks at possible applications of narratology in an acousmatic context, and the implications of doing so for narratological theory