Taru Tähti


MA in ethnomusicology at the University of Tampere 2006

Tutkimus ja julkaisut


The dialogue of human agency and art-based methods in social and health care services

The aim of my research is to find out, what aspects of human agency can emerge in art-based action and what features are important when human agency is supported by art-based methods. Various theoretical aspects of human agency will be offered by social gerontology, music education, adult education and cultural studies. The research material was collected during the projects ‘Musiikkimoottorit’ (Music Motors) and ‘Kulttuurikuntouttajat’ (Cultural Rehabilitators) in 2012-13. The Musiikkimoottorit project supported musical agency of the elderly, who already needed social and health care services in their everyday life. In the Kulttuurikuntouttajat project we developed art-based methods for social and health care professionals. In this research, using participatory ethnography, human agency is looked at from four different points of view: that of an art facilitator, a health care client, health caretakers and health care institution leaders. Every member of the social and health care community shapes her/his agency and relationship with art differently, affecting and shaping the same time the possible art activities available to other members of the community.