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Taiteellisen tutkimuksen professori, Tohtorinkoulutusohjelman johtaja, Tutkimuksen varadekaani


Mika Elo is professor of artistic research at the University of the Arts Helsinki. His research interests include theory of photographic media, philosophical media theory, and epistemology of artistic research. He is participating in discussions in these areas in the capacity of curator, visual artist and researcher.

In 2018–2019 he was leading the Research Pavilion #3 project realised in Helsinki and in Venice in the context of 58th Venice Biennale. In 2009–2011 he worked in the research project (figuresoftouch.com). In 2012-2013 he co-curated the Finnish exhibition Falling Trees at the Biennale Arte 2013 in Venice. Currently he is the PI of one of the research projects in the consortium Post-digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image. He has also been a member of the editorial boards of RUUKKU (2012– ) tiede&edistys (2010– ) and JAR (2010–2019) over many years.


Ajankohtainen opetus:

Image research seminar (2019/2020)

This seminar focuses on questions of psychology of vision beyond the human sense of sight. We go trough a series of key texts and research examples dealing with machine learning, metacognition, and psychology of vision. The leading question of the seminar is ”how to read images today?”. The seminar gives basic knowledge of machine learning, metacoginition, and contemporary image research. Co-teaching with Tuomo Rainio. The seminar is linked with the research project Post-digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image.

Contexts  and concepts of Artistic Research (2019/2020)

In this course we read and discuss a series of key texts concerning artistic research. Each participant writes a summary on one text for each session and presents it shortly to the others. The rest of the session is dedicated to one text that will be discussed in the group. Co-teaching with Annette Arlander.

Sense (2019/2020)

The phenomenon of “artistic research” can be considered as a symptom of a manifold cultural shift. The shift at issue has often been approached in terms of various “turns”: in analogy to the “linguistic” or “cultural turn”, we find the ideas of “practical”, “medial”, “bodily”, “performative” and “non-human turn”. These new research paradigms point to the following experiences: the significance of traditional “cultural techniques” is lost or has changed, the idea of “culture as a text” (as a web of symbolically organized meanings) has become problematic and, finally, the human centered world views have encountered critical limits.           

The cultural shift at issue pertains in a particularly strong way to the sensible articulation of sense, its technical-bodily constitution. Therefore, questions highly relevant to art and research come to the fore: What happens now to “art”, the work of which has always been situated at the intersection of all the senses of sense: meaning, feeling, perception, estimation, etc. ? What kind of new possibilities of artistic practice may be found, when the basic relations between experience and knowledge, technics and reality, the human being and nature are changing? In this situation, ”sense” as a thematic issue refers to the question of the place of art and research in a changing culture and to the role of the artist in it.           

In order to situate their own work with respect to the challenges of our time, artist-researchers must conceive of the ways in which the aforementioned cultural shift affects the sensible and material as well as technical and institutional contexts of artistic research. In order to develop the possibilities of artistic research in a critical and creative way, we must consider the ongoing changes pertaining to the relations between “art” and “research”, “experience” and “knowledge”, “creativity” and “methods”. We must take into account for instance the basic changes challenging our conceptuality (sensible/ideal, mind/body, human/non-human etc.), the organization of knowledge (archives, taxonomies) and the dimensions of bodily existence (time, space, place). At the same time we must consider how these changes redefine the social situation of the artist in techno-scientific capitalism.

The course consists of two parts:

1) Preparation period: Participants familiarise themselves with the course material in advance and write one essay (2 credits) based on the materials and/or prepare one presentation (1 credit) either alone or with a colleague.

2) A two-day seminar (April 2020) the consists of lectures, seminar discussions and participants’ presentations (1 credit). Due to the coronavirus epidemiy this part will be realised online.

Tutkimus ja julkaisut

List of publications

Mika Elo

A Peer-reviewed research articles

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B Non-refereed research articles

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C Edited research publications

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D Publications intended for professional communities

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E Publications intended for the general public

2016b ”Taide tuottaa muutosvoimaa”. Kauppalehti, Johtavaa puhetta blogi 4.11.2016.

2014i ”Distance and Beholding – On the Visuality of Theatre”. TINFO News – Performance design.

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2002a ”Läsnäoloa virrassa” [The Flowing Presence], Nuori Voima 1/02.

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Muumedia-festival catalogue, MUU ry, Helsinki. [Media Art Exhibition Cataloque].

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F Public artistic and design activities

Curatorial work:

2018–19 Research Pavilion #3, in the context of 58th Biennale in Venice.

2013 Falling Trees. The Finnish exhibitions at the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, Venice Italy.

2007 Square Minutes – Young Finnish Photography, Lodz and Leipzig, Poland and Germany.

2004–5 Helsinki Photography Festival, Helsinki, Finland.

1999 Historama 2000, Ruhrlandsmuseum, Essen, Germany [curatorial consultation].

1993 Helsinki Photography Festival [assisting curator].

Performances, interventions:

2018 Commissioned writing for Satu Tuomisto’s dance production Kuusnolla, Stoa, Helsinki.

2018 Visual intervention and Sound Observer (text), and performance in Otso Lähdeoja’s research concert, Music House (Black Box), Helsinki.

2010 Tangents, Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland.

2007 Voice-over supplement to Friedl Kubelka’s film Max Turnheim, Kiasma Museum for Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland.

Solo exhibitions:

2017 Kivet ja me / Stones and us, Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki, Finland.

2014 What thinking calls?, Gallery Huuto Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.

Group exhibitions:

2018 Art and computation, Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki, Finland.

2017 Varasto, Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki, Finland.

2016 Academy of Fine Arts Group Show, Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki, Finland.

2011 Otteita / Extracts, Galleria Rantakasarmi, Helsinki, Finland.

2008 Figurations of Knowledge, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin, Germany.

2007 Toisaalta tässä / Here Then, TR1 Tampere, Finland.

2007 Elo – Chagas – Mühlenstedt, Atelierhaus Roter Hahn, Bremen, Germany.

2003 Hospitalities, Voipaala Art Centre, Voipaala, Finland

2002 Künstlerhaus Bremen 10 Years, Bremen, Germany.

1997 Sketches for Arabia shore, Helsinki City Planning Office, Helsinki, Finland.

1996 Synthesis—Young Finnish Photography, Museum for Photographic Art, Helsinki, Finland.

1995 LUMO 95 -Photographic Art Festival, Gallery Becker, Jyväskylä, Finland.

1995 Saarenmaa, Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland.

1994 Still-life, Gallery Vita Havet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Graphic design:

1995-2005 Helsinki Photography Festival

1995-2005 Nuori Voima -literature magazine 

1993-1997 Midnight Sun Film Festival

1992-2007 art catalogues (among others for Boltanski, Struth, Kozyra and Kapoor)

1992-2007 books and book covers, posters, etc.

G Theses

2005 Valokuvan medium [The medium of photography]. Helsinki: Tutkijaliitto & Taideteollinen korkeakoulu [dissertation, monography].

1998 Valokuvan ekstaasi [The photographic ecstacy]. Taideteollinen korkeakoulu [MA thesis].


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