Krishna Nagaraja

  • Tohtorikoulutettava, MuTri-tohtorikoulu, Sibelius-Akatemia


2001: Classical violin Master Degree (Conservatorio ”Bonporti”, Italy)

2014: GLOMAS Master Degree (Sibelius Academy, Finland)

Tutkimus ja julkaisut


FolkBaroque: New Early Music The travels of the Polska dance through space and time

The study on folk music performance practice often neighbours with that on historically informed early music; the same analytical approach can be applied to the re-creation of both traditional and baroque music, providing firmer ground for musical experiments based on their crossover. “Polska Travels” is a journey on the wings of the most popular Nordic folk dance tune from its Polish origins in the XVI-XVII century to the modern national varieties. The concerts will focus respectively on Poland, Sweden, Finland and Norway, providing new arrangements and compositions based both on a historical and on a contemporary approach to the research.

The written work will aim at reporting how musicians approaching folk music from a baroque background face the challenges that the folkbaroque crossover is posing, in order to provide useful ideas and paths for anybody that decides to venture in that direction. Based on my reflections as well as the experience of countless friends, colleagues and researchers, the work can even culminate with some sort of a “Short guide for the baroque musician to folk music”, a compendium of tips analysing, for instance, the use of the bow, the intonation, the ornamentation, any detail that concurs in creating a traditional style.