Josue Moreno Prieto

  • Taideopettaja, Musiikkiteknologia, Sibelius-Akatemia


MA in Music Technology MA in Music Composition

Tutkimus ja julkaisut


Moreno, Josué: Urban Sonic Acupuncture: Aural Strategies for the City Space 

Artistic doctoral research about placing sound art in the public space using sonic interventions on key spots. I research how to apply aural architecture strategies in the field of urban rehabilitation, using practice-based methodology.

The two main ideas behind my artistic practice are: the metaphor of “sound as space to articulate” and, collaboration as artistic means, hence the very interdisciplinary nature of my projects. I was introduced to the field of Urban Acupuncture by Finnish architect Marco Casagrande. Paying attention to sound it is essential to the health of the city and sense of place creation, however there is no approach that involves sound as part of the artistic intervention in urban rehabilitation projects. I research how to use sound art in urban rehabilitation by designing and implementing urban and public space sonic acupuncture projects, keeping an extensive documentation of the process.