Jenny Robson

  • Tuntiopettaja, jazz (laulu), Jazzmusiikki, Sibelius-Akatemia

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Jenny Robson: Vocal improvisation in different rhythmic and harmonic frames

Robson’s doctoral concerts focus on improvisational experimentation in varied harmonic and rhythmic frames.

  1. Jazz Standards (2009)
  2. Modal Approach (2010)
  3. Brazil Jazz (2011)
  4. Interaction Between Melody and Improvisation (2014)
  5. Vocal Side of Jazz-Fusion (2015)

In the written thesis Jenny Robson focuses on different aspects of vocal jazz improvisation. Musicians are constantly communicating with each other during the performance in many ways and on many levels. What are the key elements for vocalists when they improvise in the jazz tradition? What are the challenges and possibilities for a vocalist?

There are differences between instrumental and vocal improvisation and also in the practises of learning the art. The written thesis will be guided by the question “What are the challenges in vocal improvisation?” using the experiences from the doctoral concerts and from interviews with instrumentalists who also have experience performing vocal solos.