Eveliina Sumelius-Lindblom

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Master of Music/Sibelius Academy, Department of piano music

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Eveliina Sumelius-Lindblom: Aspects on French Modernism in 1920`s

Abstract of the concert series plan

My doctoral concert series is entitled: “Aspects on French Modernism in 1920`s: Music for solo piano and piano chamber ensembles from French, Russian and Finnish composers connected to Parisian musical life.”

The concert series consists of five concerts from five different perspectives on French Modernism and is tightly connected to my research work. The artistic aspects are:

1) the schools of Paris and Vienna in 1920`s,

2) Les Six and French neoclassicism,

3) sonata-form and French neoclassicism,

4) ragtime and other popular influences and

5) “free district” from Neoclassicism: early works by Oliver Messiaen and late works by Maurice Ravel.

Abstract of the written thesis

The issue of my written thesis is “Aspects on French Modernism in 1920`s ”. It consists of three pre-reviewed articles to be published in the Trio-publication between the years 2016‒2021.The first of these articles is a conceptual history-based analysis concerning the crucial theories of French Modernism and it also considers the possible contradictions between the theories of 1920`s neoclassicism and performing neoclassical music. The second article deals with Jean Cocteau and his influence on French neoclassical aesthetics in 1920`s through his selected writings. The third article reflects on the sonata-form from a neoclassical point of view through selected music by Erik Satie and Igor Stravinsky.