Alejandro Olarte


Lecturer of Electroacoustic Music

Center for Music & Technology


Alejandro OLARTE, I am interested in electroacoustic music performance improvisation and composition, contemporary music and art, electronic lutherie and pedagogy.

I have a doctorate in music and I work for the Center for Music and Technology of Sibelius Academy as a lecturer in Electroacoustic Music.


S-MT94 Live Electronics Atelier (6–8 ECTS)

Ateljeessa opiskelija tutustuu elektroakustisiin instrumentteihin käsitteiden, ideoiden, teorioiden ja käytäntöjen kautta. Opetus tapahtuu englanniksi.

Learning electroacoustic music tools, electronic instruments, theories, and concepts in a practical and experimental way.

S-MT95 Electroacoustic Improvisation (6 ECTS)

This course is a laboratory to experiment and investigate the musical potential of digital instruments in the context of electroacoustic music improvisation.

Opetus tapahtuu englanniksi.

S-MT53 Performing with electronic Instruments (6 ECTS)

Individual projects or small ensembles dedicated to performing pieces including electronics.

S-MT96 Supercollider (8 ECTS)

Coding for musicians with SuperCollider language

S-MT22 Preparatory course in electroacoustic music (6 ECTS)

Students are introduced to the electroacoustic music genre and learn to use the basic tools needed for composing an electroacoustic music piece for fixed media

Secondary studies on Electroacoustic Music Performance (22-30 op)

Secondary studies on Electroacoustic Music Composition (22-30 op)

Taiteellinen toiminta

Sueno de Guirlandas Electroacoustic composition for TRAÇSONOLOGY Liquen records

 Three Dusks to Dark with Jasmiina Sipilä and Outi Korhonen. 

Aquatrio plays Aquarmonio with Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski and Alejandro Montes de Oca.

More and Most with Sirkka Kosonen and Malin Skinnar.

Manialog with Andrew Bentley and Alejandro Montes de Oca

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Tutkimus ja julkaisut

Elements of electroacoustic music improvisation and performance

Alejandro Olarte has developed a pedagogical package or toolkit for studying and teaching electroacoustic music performance and improvisation. 

In his thesis Olarte discusses Electroacoustic Music, Improvisation, and Performance; the three areas are studied and explored in a combined and holistic manner. The text includes discussions on sonic improvisation and listening modes, the contributions of the electroacoustic genre to modern musicianship, an exploration of a collection of electronic instruments as tools for musical performance, and a set of pedagogical activities designed to systematically address the essential questions (the elements) for becoming a sound performer integrating technological means with musical expression.

This research is a response to the modern challenges of designing pedagogical content towards the development of performance skills with electronic instruments and audio technology.


  • Electroacoustic Instruments Development Software and Hardware
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Art
  • Electroacoustic Music