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Hooray! We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary in 2023! The celebrations will be themed around the future of arts.

University Collegium

The Collegium strives to increase transparency and inclusivity in the Uniarts Helsinki's decision-making. Its members are professors, other staff members and students.

A student making a drawing on a white surface.

Role and remit of the Collegium

The remit of the University Collegium has been defined in the Universities Act. The University Collegium is responsible for selecting the external members to the University Board and confirming the election of the university community’s internal members to the Board. The Collegium also appoints financial auditors, approves financial statements and the annual report, and decides on the discharge of the rector and board members from liability.

The main objective of the Collegium’s activities is to increase the openness of the university’s decision-making. This includes giving the community the opportunity to participate in preparations concerning the strategy, budgets and operational plans and other decisions that are central to the university’s activities and future.

The Collegium consists of 18 members. Of those, six members represent professors, six represent other staff members, and six represent students. The term of the current University Collegium runs from 2021 to 2024.

Members of the university collegium from 2021–2024:


  1. Tuire Kuusi, deputy member Veli-Matti Puumala
  2. Otso Huopaniemi, deputy member Heidi Partti
  3. Annu Vertanen, deputy member Riikka Stewen
  4. Tuija Hakkila-Helasvuo, deputy member Jukkis Uotila
  5. Lauri Suurpää, deputy member  Timo Kiiskinen
  6. Tuija Kokkonen, deputy member Tomi Humalisto

Other teaching and research staff and other personnel

  1. Alina Savolainen, deputy member Ann-Charlotte Karlsson
  2. Jenni Lättilä, deputy member Sami Linna
  3. Hannu Apajalahti, deputy member Vilma Timonen
  4. Tiina Halonen, deputy member Pihla Palteisto
  5. Hanna Loraine, deputy member Sanna Takala
  6. Ulla Tissari, deputy member Michaela Bränn

Students (during the term 1 January 2021–31 December 2022)

  1. Xiao Zhyiu, deputy member Mira Vornanen
  2. Iiris Tarnanen, deputy member Viivi Tigerstedt
  3. Olga Heikkilä, deputy member Laura Renvall
  4. Sara Pollari, deputy member Jaakko Tyni
  5. Johanes Timothy
  6. Panu Poutanen, deputy member Patrik Kumpulainen

The secretary is Katja Kiviharju. The Colleguim chair will be elected later this spring.

Contact information

Via secretary Katja Kiviharju

Tel. +358 294 47 2000 (exchange)

P.O. Box L 10
FI-00097 Taideyliopisto