Language and Communications Studies at Uniarts Helsinki

Language and communications courses support students’ studies and improve their professional competence in the arts.


The purpose of language and communications studies is to develop students’ skills in a variety of languages, including in Finnish and Swedish, and give them tools needed for working in multicultural environments. Students learn the vocabulary and other language skills needed in both writing and in face-to-face communications in their own artistic discipline. Language and communications studies are integrated in the arts studies, and the instruction is developed in close cooperation with the cultural field. A research-oriented approach in teaching is integral and leads to continuous development.

The degree requirements of all academies include studies in written communication, the second official language in Finland (Finnish or Swedish) and a foreign language. International degree and exchange students are offered language courses in Finnish. Uniarts Helsinki students can also complete studies in oral communication and in Italian and German. Elective language studies help students polish their skills before starting an exchange period abroad, for example.

Language teachers arrange language courses for also the staff and offer support in questions concerning languages and communications.

Contact information

Lecturer-in-charge in language and communications studies
Emmi Huttunen, Lecturer-in-charge, English and Italian, Written Communication (in English)

Coordinator for language and communications studies
Pilvi Järvinen

Lasse Ehrnrooth, Swedish and English

Sarka Hantula, English

Laura Lehtinen, Written Communication (in Finnish) and Finnish language

Sara Leppänen, Swedish, German and Hungarian, Written Communication (in Swedish)

Sanna Teerenhovi, Written Communication (in Finnish) and Finnish language