The university’s highest decision-making body is the Board. The university’s professoriate, other personnel and students all have their representatives in the Board.


The remit of the Board has been defined in the Universities Act and the Uniarts Helsinki

It is the Board’s duty to determine the main objectives of the university’s operations and finances, to decide on the strategy and the operational and financial plan, and to prepare the financial statements.

The Board is also in charge of approving agreements of major importance concerning the university and issuing opinions on important matters of principle.

The Board selects the rector and the rector’s direct subordinates, decides on the organisational structure of the university and determines the number of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students to be admitted to the university.

The board members in 2018–2021 are

  • Board professional and business executive Heikki Lehtonen (chair)
  • LL.M. with court training Astrid Thors (vice chair)
  • Researcher of economic culture Paavo Järvensivu
  • Professor Marja Makarow
  • CEO Stuba Nikula
  • Professor Eeva Anttila
  • Professor Petteri Salomaa
  • Facilities Specialist Kari Karlsson
  • Senior Advisor Hannu Tolvanen
  • Student Lukas Korpelainen
  • Student Sofia Suomalainen

Rector Kaarlo Hildén acts as the Board’s presenting official and Senior Legal Counsel Tanja Vuolle is the secretary of the Board.

Contact information

Via secretary Tanja Vuolle

Tel. +358 294 47 2000 (exchange)

P.O. Box L 10
FI-00097 Taideyliopisto