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Acting in Swedish, master

Acquire acting expertise that you can apply in diverse professional contexts.

Performers on stage with backs facing the camera. Dark background and reddish lighting, large chandelier in the middle of the stage.
Photo from performance Private Dancer, 2020. Photographer: Sanni Siira.

Why study here? 

If you are interested in change on a larger scale, the art of acting and the actor’s body will be decisive. The unknown, obvious, impossible body of the actor. The degree programme is Finland’s only Swedish-language university-level programme in the performing arts. The programme supports the student’s discovery of an independent artistry, thereby providing inspiration and cultural impulses for the theatre field in Finland. The degree programme collaborates with the other programmes of the Theatre Academy and with other academies of Uniarts Helsinki, and it is an active participant of a local, Nordic and international network. 

About the studies 

Completing the degree programme in acting implies becoming an expert in both the theory and practice of performing. The programme is linked to artistic research and contemporary interdisciplinary performing arts. The aim is to train collaborating actors who are able to contribute to both the traditions of the performing arts as well as the future of acting and its societal relevance.  

The pedagogical philosophy of the degree programme is based on curiosity and commitment. The basic principle is that the learning process of each individual is dynamic, that it takes place in interaction with others, and that the programme’s disciplines are uniquely integrated by each student. The interaction between students and pedagogues is based on questioning existing power relations and institutional structures. The degree programme’s credo is that knowledge does not precede the pedagogical process – it is the result of the process.

The degree programme has a responsibility to develop and inspire the field of Swedish-language performing arts in Finland, which means that its duty is not merely confined to the training of actors. That is why the degree programme actively engages in Nordic and international contexts. All students have the chance to go on an exchange or complete a traineeship abroad as part of their studies. 

During the two-year master’s studies, the student develops and deepens their artistry and broadens their understanding of theatre.  

Studies are full-time and follow a predetermined curriculum and schedule. Master’s studies give the student a lot of freedom of choice. Students go to classes mostly with their own year group, but some courses are organised together with other year groups and degree programmes. Instruction usually takes place in groups, but one-to-one lessons also occur. 

Teaching consists of the following study modules: acting; movement, sound and music; context; core studies; elective studies; advanced studies; and a thesis project. The teaching content is permeated by actively decolonising all study modules. The primary language of the degree and instruction is Swedish, but some of the courses are taught in English. Elective courses can be completed in Finnish, too. 


Our teachers are experienced experts in their respective fields. In addition to our permanent staff, we also have Finnish and international teachers, artists and other experts visiting the programme on a regular basis.

Doctoral studies

A master’s degree gives the eligibility to apply for doctoral studies in theatre, for example. At Uniarts Helsinki, doctoral studies in theatre are offered by the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke).

Admissions guide

Target degree and length of study

Master in Arts (Theatre and Drama)
2 years

Application period

Next possible time to apply is in January 2024. Studies begin in August 2024.

Application languages

Swedish Read more about language skill requirements

Tuition fee

Annual tuition fee €5,000 for students studying in English and who come from outside the EU and EEA countries.
Read more about tuition fees

Supervising teacher

  • Aune Kallinen

    Professor, Swedish degree programme in acting, Theatre Academy


Theatre Academy

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