Scenkonst med i lärande (SMIL)

Scenkonst med i lärande (SMIL) is a development and research project exploring how the performing arts could be integrated as part of the learning environments of comprehensive schools and pre-primary education. The project is funded by the SKAPA fund of the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

The project examines how the performing arts, i.e. theatre and dance, can be part of pre-primary education and comprehensive school education.

The project will lead to a model demonstrating how the performing arts can be integrated into the learning environments of schools. Its main result will be a curriculum proposal on how the performing arts could be taught in pre-primary education and at comprehensive schools. The curriculum proposal will also include assessment criteria. The project will also generate teaching material for the performing arts.

The aim of the project is to strengthen cooperation between pedagogues, artists, researchers and educational institutions. The SMIL project also sets out to develop teaching staff’s competence in the performing arts.

The primary development and research environment is located in the municipality of Maalahti (pre-primary and comprehensive school education) in Ostrobothnia. The goal of the project is to carry out and expand teaching to other municipalities/schools that are interested in participating in the project.

External reviewers in the SMIL project are Tone Pernille Østern and Gun Oker-Blom.

SMIL is a follow-up project to the project for establishing a vision for performing arts education for 2030, which was carried out in 2022. Read more about the project and the publication that it resulted in here.

Project name

Scenkonst med i lärande (SMIL)




Svenska kulturfonden


Ville Sandqvist, Nina Dahl-Tallgren, Annika Fredriksson


Yrkeshögskolan Novia, Barn- och Ungdomsstiftelsen, Malax kommun, Åbo Akademi, Utbildningsstyrelsen, Helsingfors Universitet

Lead organisation

Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu