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Research project about musical tradition and gender equality

The project's interdisciplinary research aims to enhance systemic understanding of how gender equality can be promoted in Nepal's evolving music culture.

About the project

In the music culture of Nepal, public rituals and festivals perpetuate patriarchal musical practices, wherein women have not played a central role as performing musicians. Access to education for girls and women remains challenging, and pursuing a career as a musician can lead to social stigmatization.

The aim of amplifyHer project is not only to explore the politics of girls’ and women’s music performance but also to test new forms of music performance that promote gender equality, and to utilise public pedagogy that supports these goals. Experiments will be conducted in places such as schools and in collaboration with the Echoes in the Valley festival.

The project is based on the observation that, on one hand, sustainable development policy recommendations emphasise the preservation of tradition. On the other hand, they aim to promote both equal opportunities for girls’ education and greater participation of women in society. However, there is limited research on how these conflicting recommendations are implemented in a musical tradition where gender inequality is glaring, and where public musical performance socially stigmatises women.

The project is carried out by a team of seven members, consisting of researchers from both the Sibelius Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki and Kathmandu University.


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Transition pathways towards gender inclusion in the changing musical landscapes of Nepal (amplifyHer) project




Academy Programme for Development Research, DEVELOP2, The Research Council of Finland


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