R Building

The legendary building on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu has been a central place for music studies already for several decades.

R Building

The so-called R Building is located on the Töölö Campus, right in the city centre of Helsinki. The building houses a 550-seat Concert Hall, a Chamber Music Hall, an Early Music Hall, and rooms for teaching and practice. There is also a café where art enthusiasts can meet up to enjoy a light lunch or snacks. The café is open for concert-goers in the evenings.

The building was completed in 1930, and it was designed by architect Eino Forsman. In 2019, the building underwent a renovation that restored the original appearance and acoustics.

Facilities in R building

Concert Hall
Chamber Music Hall
Café Feeniks
Töölö campus


Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 9, 00100 Helsinki, Suomi

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 8-20

Sat 9-16

Sun closed

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