Study Plan instructions: Music Technology

This is how you make a Study Plan for your exchange application.

Music Technology studies for exchange students

In Music Technology department, there are three study profiles:

  1. Recording Arts
  2. Film and Game Music Producer
  3. Creative Electronic Music Practices

In your exchange application you should inform us which of the profiles you are interested in applying.

How do I get started?

Start planning your Study Plan by looking into your main subject/instrument curriculum here: Under Sibelius Academy, you can also find the section “Courses for exchange students”, from which you can find suitable elective courses from other main subjects’ curricula and studies open for all students regardless of department (e.g. language studies, performance studies, physical education).

Make sure you include the courses and credits required as compulsory by your home institution.

In case you are accepted as an exchange student, you will need to start a Learning Agreement according to your home institution’s guidelines.

  • If it is possible to start with a level I course then start with that one and advance from there.
  • Check the qualifications / pre-requisites of the course you want to do, from the study guide.
  • Group tuition is what you should primarily find your tuition from.
  • Individual tuition is possible to organize in moderation and for well argumented purpose but needs to be approved by the Department Head.

Music Technology courses begin in early September. Some of them last for the whole academic year. Therefore, you should start your exchange period with us in the autumn term. In case you study only one term (autumn) at Music Technology department, you will get half the credits of the whole year courses.

Please notice that not all of our courses are organized every year but every other year.

Most of our courses are in English if there are non-Finnish speaker students participating or there might be one group for Finnish speakers and one group for international students. Please check the language of the course from the study guide or from the Music Technology’s study coordinator

Study Planning sessions with the Study Coordinator

The Study Coordinator and the Head of the Department of Music Technology will check your learning agreement and if needed will suggest changes to the courses before your Learning Agreement gets approved. When you arrive to Sibelius Academy it is still possible to make some small changes to the LA. You’ll have a study planning session remotely with the Study Coordinator of Music Technology already before you arrive to Sibelius Academy. More appointments can be organized later if needed.

Studio rights and equipment system loan

Following a workshop is mandatory to obtain accreditation and access to the Department’s studio facilities. This process is scheduled only once at the beginning of the academic year and will take place during the first weeks of September (2 or 3 days depending on the required studios). Studio needs depend on the study plan and will be evaluated based on the choice and level of the courses. 

Access to the equipment loan system in the department is regulated by a test that evaluates the basic knowledge of handling, understanding, and demonstration of responsible use of professional audio technology tools. The test covers the topics of an undergraduate-level course in Audio Technology, be sure to review and refresh your technology courses to prepare for it.

These courses have been popular electives among our exchange students in the past. Click the name of the course to see its page in the Study Guide (opens in a new tab).

Language courses

Well-being and performance and learning coaching

Creative skills and improvisation

Early music

Folk music

Global music

Music education

Music history

Music technology

Arts Management, Society and Creative Entrepreneurship
Master level students only

Vocal music