Safer space guidelines for academic events

We encourage academic discussion, but ask everyone to keep their comments constructive and respectful, thus contributing to a positive, encouraging, and safer atmosphere in Uniarts Helsinki.

  • Uniarts Helsinki is committed to promoting equity, equality, and anti-racism. Please bear this in mind when asking questions and giving comments. Harassment, misogyny, sexism, racism, ableism, homo- and transphobia, body shaming, ageism, or other forms of discrimination are not acceptable, and we will do our best to point out and react to harmful behaviour.
  • Respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries, privacy, and pronouns. Do not make assumptions of anyone’s gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, socioeconomic background, or any other personal matters.
  • It is important that we all remember and critically reflect upon our own privileges and take this into account when participating in the discussions. This means listening to others and respecting everyone’s research topics and experiences. We also encourage everyone to be aware of the space we are used to taking in social situations, especially in terms of giving space to other voices than our own.
  • Recognise the boundaries of your knowledge, especially in areas that are not your expertise or which you do not have experience of, particularly in case of sensitive topics.
  • We are all constantly learning to become better and more empathic human beings, and we all sometimes make mistakes. If you are given critical feedback for problematic behaviour or harmful comments, we kindly ask you to take a moment to reflect upon the feedback and what you could learn from it.
  • We organisers value highly your feedback on how we could do better in the future – please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments and questions.
  • All participants of the Uniarts Helsinki entrance examinations must commit to following the safer space guidelines, as well. 

If you encounter problematic behaviour, please contact the organisers of the event, either during or after the event.

These guidelines have been modelled after safer space policies created by the Feminist Culture HouseThe Museum of Impossible Forms, the UN association of Finland, and the above mentioned Academy of Fine Arts’ students among others.