Open University’s regulations concerning studies at Uniarts Helsinki

Read the rules and regulations of Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University.

Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University applies instructions and regulations compiled for Uniarts Helsinki’s degree students also to Open University students as far as this is possible. You can read about the regulations on the Students’ Uniarts webpage.

This page presents the regulations in force at the Open University, specifically. 

Commitment to rules and regulations

Students commit to following the rules and regulations of the Open University when applying to study at the Open University.

Open University students are subject to the regulations concerning assessment of study attainments as laid out in the Universities Act (Sections 44 and 82 in the Universities Act). These regulations concern the student’s right to obtain information on how assessment criteria are applied, opportunity to see the assessed study attainment and the right to submit a rectification request concerning a grading, first to the teacher and then to the university’s appeal committee.

Open University students have the right to have reasonable adjustments, i.e. special arrangements made in the teaching they receive on the basis of a long-term illness or a disability in accordance with the instructions and procedures for degree students. Granting special arrangements requires that the student has not repeatedly failed to take advantage of the special arrangements granted to them without an acceptable reason.

If an Open University student experiences problems concerning teaching or interaction with other students on a course e.g. in group projects, their primary contact person should be the teacher of the course in question. An Open University student can also inform the Open University staff (by email to avoin(at) if they experience inappropriate behaviour in teaching or have problems related to how their legal protection is ensured.

Uniarts Helsinki has the right to use a plagiarism detection system in the review of Open University studies. 

A safe learning environment and the requirement of appropriate behaviour

All students (incl. degree students, exchange students, Open University students and other students) have the right to work in a safe learning environment and the right to be treated in an appropriate way. Students must be treated equally. Each student has the responsibility to contribute to the good atmosphere and safety of their learning environment through their own behaviour. 

Students must behave in an appropriate manner both in a physical learning environment and in an online learning platform. Nobody is allowed to disturb or act in an otherwise inappropriate manner towards other students, teachers or staff members. Students must follow the study-related regulations and instructions given by the Open University, an individual teacher and administrative staff member.

Cheating, plagiarism and other misconduct in studies are forbidden. Disciplinary matters or suspicions of misconduct are dealt with according to Uniarts processes.

Consequences of a student’s inappropriate behaviour

An Open University student who disrupts teaching, behaves violently or threateningly or endangers the life or health of another person may be ordered to leave the premises where teaching takes place or an event organised by the university. A student may be banned from attending teaching for a maximum of three days where there is a risk that the safety of another student or a person working in the university or some other teaching facility is threatened as a result of the student’s violent or threatening behaviour or where the disruptive conduct of the student makes teaching and associated activities unduly difficult. A teacher may order a student to leave the premises. The director in charge of the Open University can ban a student from attending all teaching provided by the Open University for a maximum of three working days.

If a student uses the Open University’s user ID in breach of the rules of use, for example by behaving inappropriately on an online learning platform, the matter can be addressed in accordance with the rules of use. 

If an Open University student has seriously violated the Open University’s order by behaving in a disorderly, threatening or violent manner or has repeatedly acted under false pretences, the student can be banned from participating in Open University teaching during a fixed period of up to one year. In urgent situations, a course that has already started can also be suspended. A student is not reimbursed for the fee of a course that has been suspended due to their own behaviour.

Violent behaviour or threats of violence will be reported to the person in charge of the university’s safety matters, and the matter may also be reported to the police.