Applying to open university studies

How to apply to Open University studies

Application periods

Spring 2023

Course selection will be published in November. Application period begins 22 November 2022 at 9:00.

Application period ends 7 December 2022 at 23:59 (studies integrated into regular degree-oriented instruction) or 12 December 2022 at 23:59 (studies organised by the Open University).

Summer 2023

Course selection will be published in March 2023. Application period begins 30 March 2023 at 9:00 and ends 20 April 2023 at 23:59.

The application period to individual courses may be extended, or some courses may have their own separate application periods.


The up-to-date course selection can be found in the course calendar. It is possible to filter the list so that it shows only a certain field of study or major subject, and it is also possible to search for studies by writing the name of the course in the search field.  

Applying to Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University

The course descriptions for Open University studies are published on the Studyinfo portal, and the links to information on each course can be found in the course calendar.  

An online registration form for Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University studies is available in the course calendar for those who want to apply whenever there is an ongoing application period.  

Student selection and proficiency tests

Each course description mentions the criteria that are applied when selecting students to Open University studies. Students are admitted to courses either in the order of registration or based on their application. The selection process may include a letter of motivation, a proficiency test, an audition, or an advance assignment, for example, to ensure the applicant’s readiness to participate in the instruction. The submitted applications will be processed after the application period. All applicants will be informed on the selection decision by email before the start of the studies.  

Studies organised by the Open University

Decisions on student selection to the Open University’s studies are made by Uniarts Helsinki’s Open Campus and the teacher-in-charge of the course. Instruction is scheduled mostly for evenings and weekends, and the participants are usually Open University students. Student selection is made based on the criteria mentioned in the course description. 

Studies integrated into degree-oriented instruction

Decisions on student selection to studies integrated into Uniarts Helsinki’s regular degree-oriented instruction are made by the unit in charge of teaching. Instruction takes place mostly during the day as part of regular university teaching in groups together with degree students. Student selection is made based on resources and students’ skills.

Open application

If an applicant has justified reasons, in special cases they may apply for a right to complete Uniarts Helsinki’s studies that are not offered at the Open University. By submitting an open application, an applicant may be given the right to participate in lectures or group instruction. An open university tuition fee is charged for these studies. A study right for Open University studies cannot be granted for one-to-one instruction. 

Applying is possible through Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University during the Open University’s regular application periods. The application must concern a certain study unit that is offered as part of the academic year’s course selection. The right to study can be granted if the applicant’s educational background and skills are sufficient and if the group has room for more participants.  

Curricula that follow Uniarts Helsinki’s degree requirements can be found on the Uniarts Helsinki website, and the up-to-date course selection for the academic year is available in Uniarts Helsinki’s study guide. Not all of the study units that are included in the curriculum are offered each year. 

You can contact the Open University Office for more information on submitting an open application:

Cancellation terms

The registration is binding after the student has been notified of their right to study. A notification on cancellation must be sent to Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University to the address one week prior to the start of the course, unless otherwise stated in the course letter.

The Open University reserves the right to:

  • make changes in the course arrangements.
  • cancel the course/study module due to a low number of participants, for example.
  • reschedule the dates for teaching or to change the way the teaching is organised.

Course fee refunds

An already-paid course fee is refunded only due to medical reasons after providing a certificate of illness or a doctor’s certificate or if the course is cancelled by the Open University.

The course will not be refunded due to reasons related to the student’s own activities, including:

  • neglecting to participate in teaching.
  • interrupting the studies.
  • student’s problems connected to the data network or other similar technical issues.

If the student cancels their study right without complying with the terms of cancellation, they will be charged the full course fee. 

Refunds for course fees can be requested in writing by emailing Mention your bank details (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT) and the courses for which you want a refund. Do not send documents containing sensitive data, such as certificates of illness, by email. Instructions on how to send sensitive documents in a secure way will be sent separately to those who request a refund.