What is CERADA?

Established in 2013, CERADA offers a platform for research projects and an open and responsible research environment that supports researchers’ career development. CERADA’s researchers in music, dance, theatre and fine arts form a multidisciplinary community of different research traditions characterised by close cooperation between researchers and social advocacy.

In CERADA, arts education research and the research-based development of higher education in the arts are connected to topical social themes, such as democracy, equality, interculturalism, social responsibility and well-being, as well as increasing professionalism in arts and arts education. These are some of the themes that come together in the current and past research projects of CERADA researchers.

The research carried out in CERADA is internationally acknowledged because of the high-quality work of individual researchers and research groups, international publications and active international researcher mobility. CERADA has connections to universities and research communities in, for example, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, South Africa, The Gambia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Israel, Austria, Norway, France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Estonia and the United States.
CERADA’s strategic objectives are:

  • to increase critical mass in its focus area
  • to strengthen interaction with society
  • to organise theme-based research events.