Practice pupils

We train instrument and voice teachers, who gain valuable experience by practising their pedagogical skills with pupils

The practice pupil and the teacher meet weekly on the Sibelius Academy premises, and the teaching sessions are monitored by a supervising senior teacher. We welcome all kinds of instrumentalists and singers, from young beginners to advanced pupils, for the following instruments/departments:

Application process

We will start processing the applications after the application period has ended in August. We will contact all applicants after a selection process in September, latest 16th of September 2019. Please note, that we can only accept a selected amount of the applicants.

Service fees

The service fee for a practice pupil is EUR 170 per term (EUR 340 per year). The second child from your family will pay EUR 130 per term. University of the Arts Helsinki students as well as wind instrument pupils are exempt from the fee. We will mail the service fee invoice to your home address. The invoice for a minor will be sent to his or her parent. The fee includes 14 lessons per term. The duration of one lesson is up to 45 minutes. For small children, the normal duration of one lesson is 30 minutes.

Goal-directed study

All practice pupils will receive a study plan in accordance with their goals. The plan will be updated if necessary. For the pedagogy students, the objective of the teaching practice is to become versatile professionals. The repertoires of the practice pupils will include music of different styles and genres; it is not sensible for a practising teacher to, for example, hone the pupil’s skills for a few pieces to be performed in a competition.

Through the teacher training period, Sibelius Academy teacher trainees learn to plan and evaluate their teaching and to develop their pedagogical and interactive skills. They will also become experts in the technicalities and artistic features of their instruments’ repertoires or of their main subject.

The practice pupils will pursue their study under the teacher trainee and a supervising senior teacher, who is in charge of the training. We expect the practice pupils to undertake the lessons for both the autumn and the spring term and to do their weekly homework meticulously. Practice pupils will perform in student matinees during the terms. They will also take group lessons as necessary.

Level performances

Practice pupils do not complete level performances automatically. If need arises, performance examinations may be organised. You can request to receive a certificate for your study as a practice pupil.


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