Mentoring at Theatre Academy

In mentoring at Theatre Academy, a more experienced mentor follows and supports a student’s path to becoming an artist.

Mentoring has been conducted for several years at the Theatre Academy’s Finnish and Swedish-speaking acting programmes with positive feedback. In 2014, the mentoring programme expanded to the dance and choreography master’s programmes.

What is mentoring at Theatre Academy?

The mentor mainly observes the student’s personal development through his or her education by, for instance, viewing productions and discussing them with the student. The mentee can reciprocally attend the mentor’s performances. The relationship is always unique but usually the mentee needs support and encouragement. The mentor is an older colleague who can be consulted regarding professional matters. Advice can also be given regarding emotions, work morale, ethics and other matters.

The mentors are usually alumni

The joy in being a mentor is watching a young person’s road to artistry and maintaining a connection with a younger generation of artists. Mentoring is valuable voluntary work,

and mentor status can be applied for. Mentors are normally selected by the students using their own contacts or from the mentor candidates.


Some mentors and mentees meet once a year, some more often. Some relationships only meet for productions while others spend time together at other cultural activities.

Many mentors let mentees develop individually and expect mentees to contact them when necessary.