Mentoring at Sibelius Academy

The mentoring programme at Sibelius Academy offers insights, contacts, and support to becoming an artist.

Mentoring is a confidential project which aims to create an interactive relationship based on intimacy, openness and commitment. It is a process between the experienced person (mentor) and the aspiring person (mentee) that is based on dialogue.

The mentor is a professional, a coach, a master, and a sparring partner. The student is an apprentice, a protégé and an active agent in the process.

The mentoring meetings are informal—every mentor-mentee partnership will discover their own optimal way of operating.

Who can become a mentor?

The mentors are Sibelius Academy alumni of different ages. It is recommended that the mentor have a few years of work experience.

The mentor’s essential attributes are a positive attitude and a desire to share experience and expertise. Good social skills and the ability to listen are also important qualities. A good mentor is interested in learning. He or she asks questions and gives room for reflecting and processing.

The mentor also gives the student constructive feedback and provides an objective perspective so that the student can analyse his or her development potential.

Mentoring programme timetable

The mentoring programme begins in September and lasts for one academic year. The programme includes six two-hour mentor-mentee meetings and three joint meetings with all programme participants. Some of the mentor-mentee meetings can take place via Skype although it is recommended that the meetings are held face to face.

The Sibelius Academy reimburses travel expenses for mentors travelling to joint meetings from outside the metropolitan area.

What does the mentor gain from the programme?

The mentoring programme offers both the alumni and the students the opportunity to discuss their issues regarding work and work life. As mentors, the alumni update their expertise and receive new viewpoints for their own work. Through the joint meetings, the mentors will expand their networks.