Entrance Examinations and Assessment at the Theatre Academy

Entrance examinations

After the application period has ended, the eligibility of applicants and their advance assignments will be assessed. Those who proceed to the second phase will receive an invitation by email. Those who have been eliminated based on application criteria and advance assignments will also be notified via e-mail.

Entrance examinations to the Theatre Academy will take place both remotely and in Helsinki in the Theatre Academy’s facilities at Haapaniemenkatu 6.

Entrance examinations occurs in several phases. After each phase, some of the applicants are selected for the next phase. You will receive information by email about whether you have advanced to the next phase.

The entrance examinations of various programmes partly coincide. If you are applying to several different programmes and the examination times coincide, you must decide which entrance examination you will take part in.

Depending on the number of applicants, not all examination dates given in advance by the programme will necessarily be used for examinations.

On request, you are to prove your identity at the entrance examinations.

Applicants under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be asked to leave the entrance examinations.


Applicants take part in the entrance exams at their own responsibility. The Theatre Academy is neither responsible for possible accidents during the examinations nor for applicants’ personal belongings.

Assessment of the entrance examinations

The assessment of the applicant is carried out by a jury appointed by the Board of Education at The Theatre Academy according to the selection criteria and principles agreed upon in advance. You can find the assessment criteria in the admission guide of each programme.

When assessing assignments, the jury uses, for example, scoring or discussion, depending on the assignment. The applicants’ overall performance is compared to other applicants. Applicants’ previous Theatre Academy entrance examination performances are not taken into account.

The programmes inform about their own feedback policies.