DocMus Research Publications

DocMus Research Publications is a series of scholarly research publications by the Sibelius Academy since 2012

DocMus Research Publications is a series of scholarly research publications by the Sibelius Academy since 2012 led by Professor Anne Kauppala.

The publication series has implemented the label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and is committed to follow the guidelines for the mark. More information available here. All manuscripts intended for publication in the DocMus Research Publications series (both monographs and anthologies) undergo peer review. Other pieces of writing, such as prefaces, will be dealt with by the editorial board and can be published without an external scholarly quality assessment. 

The editorial policy of the series follows the principles of the Academy of Finland, the peer-review guidelines of the Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing (only in Finnish) and the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity’s (TENK) Responsible Conduct of Research guidelines.

ISSN 2341-8257 (printed); ISSN 2341-8265 (pdf)

Editorial Board

Professor Anne Kauppala (Editor-in-Chief)

Vice Dean Tuire Kuusi

DMus Peter Peitsalo

Professor Lauri Suurpää

Professor Juha Ojala

Professor Markus Mantere

Contact: firstname.lastname (at)

The peer-review process

– All publication proposals shall be dealt with by the editorial board. It will make an initial assessment of the suitability of the manuscript for the publication programme and decide on a case-by-case basis on starting a peer-review process. The Editor-in-Chief may, after consulting with the editorial board, reject the manuscript offered or ask the author to make amendments to the manuscript before the peer-review process is initiated.

– The Editor-in-Chief shall ask, after having heard the editorial board’s opinion, for statements about the manuscript’s suitability for publication from at least two persons invited to take part in the review process. The reviewers must be from outside the editorial staff and independent of the manuscript to be reviewed. Moreover, their qualifications should include a completed doctoral degree and professional experience in the academic field in question.

– When selecting an expert, a prior attempt is made to establish that the reviewer is not biased. The guidelines of the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing, and TENK shall be followed in these verdicts. Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing,

– Reviewers operate anonymously, but the editorial staff will archive the publication proposals, the statements,  and the names of the reviewers.

– In the process, the comprehensiveness of the text intended for publication is assessed as well as the management of the theoretical framework, the reliability and accuracy of the research process execution, and the newness of the results in relation to previous research in a way that is particular to the academic field in question. 

Each reviewer shall propose either rejecting the publication proposal, approving it as it is, or approving it with specified alterations. 

– Based on the statements provided, the Editor-in-Chief, together with the editorial board, makes a final decision on the publication of the manuscript under consideration.

– The authors are sent a notification about the acceptance or rejection of the publication proposal in addition to suggested changes related to the manuscript that may be required for its publication. At the same time, the authors are sent the reviewers’ statements or the Editor-in-Chief’s summary of these statements. 

In the case of individual articles, the peer-review process ideally takes a maximum of two months, but in the case of a monograph, the process may last longer.

Publications list

Kauppala, Anne; Knust, Martin: Wagner and the North DocMus Research Publications 16 (2021)

Mantere, Markus; Hannikainen, Jorma; Krohn, Anna: Ilmari Krohn : tutkijana, säveltäjänä, kosmopoliittina DocMus Research Publications vol. 15 (2020)

Hilkka-Liisa Vuori, Marika Räsänen, Seppo Heikinen: The Medieval Offices of Saint Thomas Aquina DocMus Research Publication vol. 14 (2019)

Konttori-Gustafsson, Annikka; Rahkonen, Margit; Kuikka, Markus: Kartanoista kaikkien soittimeksi II – Pianonsoiton historiaa Suomessa DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja vol. 13 (2019)

Jukka Savijoki: So that the soul would dance in you. The guitar in Finland before the twentieth century DocMus Research Publications, vol 12 (2019)

Lena von Bondsdorff: Herkulesta odottaessa : Martin Wegelius – uraauurtava musiikkipedagogi. DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja, vol 11 (2019).

Peitsalo, Peter, Jullander, Sverker & Kuikka, Markus (Eds.):
Liturgical Organ Music in the Long Nineteenth Century: Preconditions, Repertoires and Border-Crossings.
DocMus Research Publications, vol. 10 (2017)

Kauppala, Anne, Broman-Kananen, Ulla-Britta & Hesselager, Jens
Tracing Operatic Performances in the Long Nineteenth Century
DocMus Research Publications, vol. 9 (2017)

Margit Rahkonen, Anikka Konttori-Gustafsson & Markus Kuikka (toim.):
Kartanoista kaikkien soittimeksi – pianonsoiton historiaa Suomessa
DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja 8 (2016)

Matti Huttunen & Annikka Konttori-Gustafsson (toim.):
“Ijäisen nuoruuden” musiikkia. Kirjoituksia 1920-luvun modernismista
DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja 7 (2015)

Hämäläinen, Kati: Ranskan barokin gregoriaanisia sävelmiä Guillaume-Gabriel Niversin kirjoista
DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja 6 (2015)

Juntunen, Marja-Leena: Kaiken lisäksi nainen. Ellen Urhon ammatillinen elämäkerta.
DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja 5 (2013)

Sivuoja, Anne, Ander, Owe, Broman-Kananen, Ulla-Britta & Hesselager, Jens (Eds.):
Opera on the Move in the Nordic Countries during the Long 19th Century 
DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja 4 (2012)

Tuppurainen, Erkki (toim.): Codex Westh: Westhin koodeksin kirkkolaulut
DocMus-tohtorikoulun julkaisuja 2 (2012)

DocMus Research Publication series’ Author Guidelines

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