Applying for transfer from another university

Uniarts Helsinki does not have a separate application procedure for transfer students.

Students who are studying art subjects at another university and wish to transfer to Uniarts Helsinki must apply for the right to complete a degree at one of Uniarts Helsinki’s academies in the joint application procedure to higher education along with other applicants. Uniarts Helsinki does not have a separate application procedure for transfer students, because there are very few realistic transfer possibilities for art students within a specific field or from suitable related fields in Finland.

Uniarts Helsinki recommends that those already studying in another higher education institution finish the higher education degree that they have started studying for first and then apply to master-level studies at Uniarts Helsinki. This would be a natural time to change to a different programme or a different place of study considering the student’s course of studies. Various kinds of bachelor’s degrees from higher education institutions give eligibility to apply for master-level studies.

If an applicant is admitted to Uniarts Helsinki as a degree student and they have previously completed studies in a higher education institution in Finland or abroad, they should mention their prior studies immediately as they begin their studies and apply for credit transfer (recognition and validation of prior learning, ahotointi in Finnish). Students must be able to utilise their previously acquired skills and substitute compulsory courses or include other suitable courses in their degree at Uniarts Helsinki to the fullest extent possible and thereby speed up their studies. At least one half of the studies counted towards a degree at Uniarts Helsinki, including the thesis and the maturity essay, must be completed at Uniarts Helsinki. It is possible to transfer credits of studies included in a previous higher education degree to a degree that is being completed at Uniarts Helsinki.