Applicants who are refugees or in a refugee-like situation

If the applicant is a refugee or in a refugee-like situation, or an asylum seeker and unable to submit documentary evidence of their qualification, they may still be deemed eligible to apply.

The applicant must submit a reliable report on the completed degree that grants them eligibility and an additional report explaining why the documents aren’t available. In addition to this, the applicant must have an official statement of their refugee status from the authorities (a decision on being granted asylum or a residence permit on the basis of protection or a certificate of a pending application for asylum). They must submit a copy of the aforementioned decision to the admissions office no later than the deadline set for appendices that prove the applicant’s eligibility to apply.

Uniarts Helsinki will make a decision on eligibility based on the submitted report.

Applicants with refugee status must provide proof of their language skills as required by the university.