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Admission results: Doctoral Programme of Artistic Research in Performing Arts at the Theatre Academy 2021

Eight applicants have been selected to complete a doctoral degree at the Theatre Academy.

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Admission results 2021

The admissions procedure 2021 of the Doctoral Programme of Artistic Research in Performing Arts at the Theatre Academy Helsinki has concluded. The Research Council has decided, in accordance with the proposal of the Professors in Artistic Research, to admit eight (8) applicants (in alphabetical order) as Doctoral Students of the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki to complete the degree of Doctor of Arts (Theatre), Doctor of Arts (Dance) or Doctor of Arts (Art and Design) degree, starting fall 2021.

  • Bieringa Olive
  • Cadia Anna
  • Lehtovaara Veli
  • MacDonald James
  • Maunuksela Klaus
  • Pajala-Assefa Hanna
  • Rajakangas Hanna
  • Zhang Qiong

The following three (3) applicants are accepted to be on reserve in the given order:

  1. Pykäläinen Annukka
  2. Lehtinen Laura
  3. Heikkilä Elsa

Request for rectification

Applicants can apply for rectification of this decision from the University of the Arts Helsinki under the Universities Act (558/2009), section 82. The right of appeal means that the applicant has the possibility to request for rectification if there is a reason to believe that there has been an error in the decision-making process. The right of appeal is not intended as a means for receiving feedback or asking for further information about the application process. A written request for rectification should be submitted to the university within 14 days of the publication of the final admission result.

How to request for rectification