Accessibility at Uniarts Helsinki

Web accessibility refers to making the use of online services as easy as possible for as many different kinds of people as possible.

The focus areas in accessible online communications are:

  • technical aspects
  • ease of use
  • clear and understandable content

The European Web Accessibility Directive and the related Finnish Act on the Provision of Digital Services affect the operations of Uniarts Helsinki, too, just like other universities.

Accessibility of digital services

The Act on the Provision of Digital Services affects everyone who is involved in creating or editing digital content. To give an example on what it means to take accessibility into consideration in practice, it involves writing informative headings and link texts, formatting them correctly and making sure that there are alternative texts in images and captions in videos.

Web accessibility training

In web content training, we explain the most crucial accessibility guidelines that content creators need to take into consideration.

We regularly organise at least two basic training courses about accessibility:

  • How to write clearly and accessibly
  • How to make documents accessible

Useful information about accessibility in Finnish and Swedish is available on the website.

Students and accessibility

A student’s disability, challenge or obstacle that affects their academic performance can be taken into consideration through various individual arrangements. The arrangements depend on the case-specific situation and needs as well as the subject of studies in question.

Accessibility of our campus

Uniarts Helsinki strives for equality in the study and work environment and aims to treat all students and employees in an equal manner.

All of our buildings are accessible, and our goal is to develop our facilities and services so that they are suitable for everyone in the future. You can read more about access to campus facilities on our building-specific pages.

Contact information

If you have questions about accessibility in the context of our university community, please email us at

You can find the contact information of staff members with assigned accessibility-related duties on our intranet Artsi.