Academy of Fine Arts Admission Results, spring 2020

The Academy of Fine Arts publishes its spring 2020 student admission results on June 3, 2020. You can also inquire about the results by e-mail at kuva.admissions(at)

Admission results, June 3, 2020

Admission for 5.5-year studies leading to Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degree

The following 22 applicants are admitted, and the following 12 applicants are on reserve:

Birkelund, Emma
Choo, Wen Yi
Forsman, Heidi
Gummerus, Jasmin
Habibollah, Ramina
Havas, Milja
Herrmans, Lina
(Applicant has not authorised publication of their name on the website) 
Härmälä, Hermanni
(Applicant has not authorised publication of their name on the website) 
Kivelä, Aarne
Lundström, David
Nish, Ellenor Rose
Nyman, Mirjami
Ollikainen, Ninni
Pasila, Lotta
Pulkkinen, Helena
Raittila, Viljamaria
Rantanen, Sara
Staaf, Arvid
Tohidi, Samira
Öhrn, Theodor


  1. Kuokkanen, Aleksandra
  2. Castrén, Elias
  3. Luoma, Jani
  4. Holmström, Heidi
  5. Veinola, Emmet
  6. (Applicant has not authorised publication of their name on the website)
  7. Suni, Saga
  8. Hasunen, Jere
  9. Närekangas, Matti
  10. Luganski, Diana
  11. Bardy, Felix
  12. Juupaluoma, Johanna

You can also inquire about the admissions results by calling +358 50 44 88 540 or by e-mail at kuva.admissions(at)

The admitted applicants will receive more information about the procedure, on accepting the study place, and on how to enroll for the academic year by e-mail.

Applicants who took part in the admission course, but were not admitted, can get feedback from members of the Admission Jury, on Tuesday 9 June 2020. Instructions on requesting feedback will be sent by e-mail to the applicants who can ask for feedback.

Accepting the offered study place

You need to accept the offered study place no later than 17 July 2020 at 3pm EET (local Finnish time) or you will lose your place.

Confirming a study place is to be done primarily electronically. If you cannot accept your study place electronically, please use the paper form that is sent to you via e-mail together with your acceptance letter. The paper form must be delivered to Uniarts Helsinki Admissions Office ( If the confirmation form arrives late, it will not be considered.

Accepting a study place is a binding choice, and you cannot cancel or change your choice later. When you accept a study place bindingly, all your other study programmes will automatically be cancelled. You may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland that begins in the same academic term.

Picking up the physical (paper) work portfolios

If the applicant wishes to get their paper portfolio back after the application process has concluded, they must collect them at the Academy of Fine Arts after 17 June 2020. Instructions regarding the precise schedule for collecting the portfolios will be sent to those applicants who have informed the Academy of their wish to retrieve their work.

If the applicant has informed the academy of their wish to have their portfolio back by mail and has paid the postage accordingly, the portfolio will be sent after the application process, i.e. after June.

Any uncollected work portfolios, and portfolios for which postage has not been paid, will be destroyed.

Request for rectification

Applicants can apply for rectification of this decision from the University of the Arts Helsinki under the Universities Act (558/2009), section 82.

Read more about the request for rectification

The right of appeal means that the applicant has the possibility to request for rectification if there is a reason to believe that there has been an error in the decision-making process. The right of appeal is not intended as a means for receiving feedback or asking for further information about the application process. A written request for rectification should be submitted to the university within 14 days of the publication of the final admission result. 

Content of the request for rectification

The admission decisions are based on the information that the applicant has delivered to the University of the Arts Helsinki by the given deadline. The request for rectification must specify the subject matter of the rectification as well as the grounds for it. The request for rectification should contain the applicant’s name, Finnish social security code/date of birth and contact information and be signed either by the applicant or by the applicant’s authorised representative. The request should specify the target programme (or programmes) that the request concerns. If you are sending the request for rectification by e-mail, please write the name of the academy in the subject field.

Delivery of the request for rectification

The request for rectification must be in writing and it must be submitted to the University of the Arts Helsinki Registry. The request for rectification must arrive to the Registry within fourteen days of the announcement of the final admission results. The sender is responsible for the delivery of the request for rectification. The request is sent to the following address:

University of the Arts Helsinki / Registry
P.O. Box 38 / Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C

Ban on appeals

A decision, for which a rectification may be requested under the Universities Act Section 82, may not be appealed against in the administrative court before the rectification process has been completed. An appeal against a decision concerning a rectification request shall be lodged with the administrative court.