Artwork on Kuninkaansaari island.

Bath houses, which were common from mid-1800s to 1910s, have disappeared, apart from a few exceptions.

I looked over there, up and over the islet that was dyed white with bird faeces.

It’s better to swim in cold waters and try make one’s body indifferent towards what has to be done. I have wished that I could show somebody someday what my hands look like in front of me as they’re coloured by the water’s surface, but nobody else sees them because I want to swim alone and undisturbed.

The work is a salt ritual, a burned, black wreath pastry, and a stamp left by a wet bottom on a rock by the shore.

Artist: Mimma Tuomisalo

The work is part of the Island of Relations exhibition and Uniarts Helsinki’s Saari 2020 (Island 2020) programme on Kuninkaansaari island.

See Saari 2020 programme’s locations on interactive map.

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20.8.2020 at 0:00 – 25.9.2020 at 23:59


Kuninkaansaari island

Further information

Kuninkaansaari is accessed via Vallisaari by a ferry from Helsinki’s Market Square. The route is operated by JT Lines. See timetables from JT-Lines’ website.

Please note that Kuninkaansaari island’s terrain is not entirely free of obstruction. Read more about Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari’s accessibility from the islands’ own info page.