Alexandria Nova seminar: Time, temporality and eternity

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This years Alexandria Nova seminar will be hosted by Uniarts Helsinki, Theatre Academy. The event takes place online, in Zoom. Open call for the seminar presentations is out now!

Call for seminar speakers

Time, temporality and eternity in the art of directing

Alexandria Nova is a network of North European directing programmes that develops the art of directing and its teaching. During the three-year Erasmus+ project (2019-2022), the network organises each year an open seminar that focuses on the basic elements of directing. In 2021, the seminar is hosted by Uniarts Helsinki, Theatre Academy. Due to the COVID-situation, the seminar will be held on-line via Zoom. It´s in English although some parallel sessions with other languages are possible too. The seminar is directed to the students and teachers of directing and to the whole field of professionals in theatre/performance directing.

The seminar will focus on time, temporality and eternity in the art of directing. Working with time – observing, sensing, manipulating and sharing it – is an essential part of the art of the director.  The director works with time in the rehearsals, leading processes that build up during weeks, months and years. It is the responsibility of the director to “be contemporary”, that is to understand what meanings are present in specific time and context. The director manipulates time in the performance with rhythm, structure and composition of time. Performance time is also a special kind of time that points to the lived past, and over time and space into eternity, as well as to the future. The transient now -moment that can be shared in theatre with the audience is at the core of the director´s work. On the other hand, theatre is a vanishing art form, the moments of theatre disappear as do our lives. We want to discuss time, temporality and eternity as special circumstances in theatre from many different angles. We welcome all proposals dealing with different aspects of time connected with the art of directing.

The seminar presentations can address the topic from artistic or from art-pedagogical points of view. Presentations can talk about directing as a practice or as a form of art. They can open processes, tools, skills etc., personal and shared working methods. They can reflect the art of directing in various theoretical frameworks – such as philosophical, social, historical, etc. – or concentrate on specific case-study or temporal parameter – such as duration, transition, processualism, etc.  The presentations can be about building awareness of pedagogical methods used in the teaching of directing. It can be about sharing practical and pedagogical knowledge, working methods and the philosophy behind them. Artistical interventions are also welcome.

If you wish to contribute, please send a maximum one-page description of your content with your BIO to the coordinator, Saija Raskulla ( Describe also, if you know, what kind of audience participation your part would contain, if it has a maximum amount of participants (we may do parallel session), how long the presentation would take, what language you would like to use and what facilitating requirements would be needed in Zoom. All rights of the material you present should be owned by you or be openly available on the internet.

The application deadline for the seminar speakers is 31.12.2020. The speakers are being contacted and the programme will be announced in January.

More information about the content and events of Alexandria Nova can be obtained by ordering the email-newsletter of the project. Please contact the Alexandria Nova Project Manager, Suzanne Muller-Jaeschke,

Questions? Please contact coordinators Suzanne Muller-Jaeschke,, or Saija Raskulla,


13.3.2021 – 14.3.2021


Online, Zoom