The Mades

Three actors examine power relations and hierarchy in some canocial master/slave examples from absurd theatre history and create their own contemporary versions of characters and situations.

The group devises a performance loosely inspired by situations and characters in absurd literature and create a power play of gender, sexuality and class

Director: Gréta Kristín Ómarsdóttir (Master’s Degree Programme in Directing)
Costume Designer: Amanda Pulliainen (Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu)
Lighting design: Outi Vedenpää (Master’s Degree Programme in Lighting Design)
Sound Designer: Elle-Maari Kokkonen (Master’s Degree Programme in Sound Design)
On Stage: Linnea Sundblom, Corinne Mustonen & Tobias Klements (Swedish Master’s Degree Programme in Acting)

Performed in Swedish and in English.


26.11.2021 at 19:00

27.11.2021 at 15:00

29.11.2021 at 19:00

30.11.2021 at 18:00

1.12.2021 at 18:00

2.12.2021 at 18:00

3.12.2021 at 15:00