Esa Onttonen — Lab

Esa Onttonen’s first doctoral concert “Lab” seeks to find out how improvisation turns into composition the time of the performance.

Instead of completely free improvisation, music is guided by an application developed by Onttonen that allows musicians to create, send and receive musical information in real time. The musicians of Labra, with a visiting guitarist Jarmo Saari, explore the poorly surveyed middle ground of improvised and composed music. 


  • Esa Onttonen, electric guitar, programming 
  • Jarmo Saari, electric guitar 
  • Antti Kujanpää, organ 
  • Mikael Myrskog, keys 
  • Joonas Riippa, drums 

Additional information: Hans Tinell, 


28.9.2022 at 19:00 – 20:10


Black Box

Mannerheimintie 13

00100 Helsinki

Helsinki Music Centre

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