Abandoned Rituals

Audio installation on Kuninkaansaari island.

Audio installation in a bunker by the sea. Listening and viewing takes place outside of bunker’s vault and not indoors.

Artists: Haliz Yosef & Frank Rizzo

The work is part of the Island of Relations exhibition and Uniarts Helsinki’s Saari 2020 (Island 2020) programme on Kuninkaansaari island.

See Saari 2020 programme’s locations on interactive map.

Changes may apply.


20.8.2020 at 17:00

21.8.2020 at 16:30

22.8.2020 at 16:30

23.8.2020 at 15:30


Kuninkaansaari island

Further information

Kuninkaansaari is accessed via Vallisaari by a ferry from Helsinki’s Market Square. The route is operated by JT Lines. See timetables from JT-Lines’ website.

Please note that Kuninkaansaari island’s terrain is not entirely free of obstruction. Read more about Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari’s accessibility from the islands’ own info page.