Paula Kramer: writing/over/writing

This contribution presents > shares > shows > opens my book Suomenlinna | Gropius: Two Contemplations on Body, Movement and Intermateriality, produced in the context of my time as a postdoctoral researcher at CfAR/Uniarts (2016-2019), published in April 2021.

This book is composed of narration, poetry and theory born out of specific experiences of moving-dancing, being, eating, choreographing, performing, in and with two sites. It is based in embodied research and explores the concept of intermateriality through asking: how does movement and choreography emerge in collaboration with site? More specifically: how do bodies, materials, sites, organisms, history, tuning, training, phenomena, events and the weather intermingle and speak, bringing forth what we later might call movement, dance or choreography?

My presentation introduces and overwrites this book through mixed-media experiments. I will show and read from parts of the book, alongside mixing it with other documentary items from this research period, such as video clips, images, sounds.

I will share writing, speak about writing, and mix some live writing in – I will practice writing/over/writing. In the context of my working practice all these registers are based in the body, based in experience, based in movement and seek to meet and unfold what embodied writing holds, rather than speaking about it. More about the book can be found here:


Paula Kramer (PhD) is an artist-researcher and movement artist based in Berlin, specialised in the exploration of intermateriality through site-specific, outdoor dance and movement. In her working practice she collaborates with materials and organisms of many different orders – as active agents in the making of movement, performance and choreography, and as partners in the creation of daily life and sense-making.