Collaboration across borders


Universities play an increasingly important role in shaping our society and the future. In addition to providing education and increasing students’ knowledge and understanding, more and more often we’re also expected to produce innovations and well-being related solutions.

Arts universities’ social and economic impact come into reality through research and art. There’s no doubt that art also has positive effects on our well-being. That being said, Bachelor and Master-level education is the priority: it’s the basis of our operations and a catalyst for new initiatives and ideas. We also underline the importance of freedom when it comes to research and making art.

Our strong networks help us create a dialogue across geographical borders. Experimentality and unlimited exchange of knowledge, views and ideas is integral to the vitality of everything we do. Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy and the world-famous Juilliard School will form a joint symphony orchestra next autumn to celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence, with performances in Helsinki, Stockholm and New York. The concert series is an outstanding example of a student project that brings together talented young people from around the world, making way for whole new interpretations.

Similarly, Uniarts Helsinki’s Research Pavilion in Venice during the 57th edition of the Biennale will shine as a beacon of international cooperation. The Pavilion is a collaborative project with our Swedish and Norwegian colleagues, and our goal is to promote dialogue between contemporary art and research and to increase cooperation between different fields of art.

From May to September, over a hundred artists and researchers from European arts universities come to Venice to reflect on theoretical, aesthetic and political topics of debate from their own points of view in fine arts, music, theatre, dance, performance art, and curating. The Research Pavilion is bound to be buzzing with excitement. The programme features three contemporary art exhibitions and over forty multidisciplinary events.

In honour of the Research Pavilion in Venice, our IssueX magazine's May issue is written in English for the first time in the journal’s history. We have wanted to compile a broad cross section of the most important themes and events at Uniarts Helsinki, and at the same time, highlight the significance of art. It opens up new perspectives and shapes the future. Every day, non-stop.                       

Rector Jari Perkiömäki

This editorial has originally been published in the May issue of Uniarts Helsinki's IssueX magazine, this time a special edition dedicated to the Research Pavilion. Read articles online: